Lately, the evolution of the IoT is remarkable. MinebeaShowa relased the smartlock. It allows you for various operations and the settings by utilizing the smartphone. The product is easy mounting and accesible for anyone.


Smart lock allowing to lock/unlock with a smartphone

Smart lock easy to install to the existing door lock. Once installed, it enables the users to use the following six excellent security systems:

  1. Handsfree (easy to unlock just by bring the smartphone close to the door)
  2. Automatic lock (lock automatically using a timer, no need to worry about whether the door is locked)
  3. History of locking/unlocking operations
  4. Key sharing (using a smartphone, no need to hand it over)
  5. Dedicated key set to the duplicate key (lock/unlock with duplicate key in case the smartphone is missing)
  6. Work with Apple Watch (lock/unlock using the Apple Watch)

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