Door Lock Products

Door Lock Products

MinebeaShowa's home entrance lock & key (Door lock products) has established the tradition and the trust of [Safety & Security] about 100 years.
Not only protecting the the tradition of SHOWA brand, but also continuing the development to comply with various living environments and social trend of small amount/many varieteis.


Diverse lineup of products for today's different living conditions

Due to changes of living conditions and sophistication of architectural technology, door locks with many types and functions have been developed. We adapt to changes in the times and support the following seven different types of door locks based on the structure and the mounting position of a cylinder:

  1. Case lock or mortise lock
  2. Rim lock
  3. Cylindrical lock
  4. Integral lock
  5. Dead lock
  6. Sliding door lock
  7. Electric lock

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Main User Door sash manufacturers , Hotels , Architectural hardware trading companies


Door Lock

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