Dec.2, 2013

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Announcement regarding Minebea's Capital Participation in Paradox Engineering SA

Minebea Co., Ltd. ("Minebea") hereby announces that it has decided to take a stake in Paradox Engineering SA of Switzerland ("PE SA"), a leading technology Company designing and providing wireless and networking technologies and solutions, with a view to moving ahead on the "Third Arrow" (developing lighting device products and associated parts and components as well as boosting their sales) and "Fourth Arrow" initiatives (expanding the sales of measuring components to around 20 billion yen) of the Minebea's "Five Arrows Strategies". Minebea is slated to acquire 34.71% of the number of shares outstanding of PE SA as of January 9, 2014.

PE SA designs and provides its innovative M2M ("Machine to Machine" or communications with other devices of the same type) technologies as well as its wireless sensor network solutions, for such markets as the social infrastructure market including Smart City/Smart Grid, etc., which is rapidly expanding at present, HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System (*1), HAN (Home Area Network) (*2) and industrial wireless smart sensor (industrial remote and condition monitoring) markets, etc.

The network communication platform solution system designed and offered by PE SA, for instance, has been chosen as the core system for the delivery of multiple Smart City projects, exemplifying its position standing at the forefront of advanced technology. In particular, PE SA's communication platform and technologies have attracted attention worldwide and are considered as one of the best solutions, enabling to communicate bidirectionally and end to end with a wide variety of different data transmission devices through its capability of integrating various different wireless and wired communication standards into its own unique networking platform, thereby allowing the machines and devices to communicate with each other.

Our company, in cooperation and alliance with PE SA, aims at integrating and promoting the sales of such technologies as the drivers for use in wireless street lights designed for Smart City projects, other lighting devices and associated parts and components, and measuring components to be used for urban and industrial wireless sensor networks, with the aim of ensuring the full-fledged implementation of our "Five Arrows Strategies" so to meet and exceed their success. At the same time, with PE SA, Minebea will make the utmost effort to explore a variety of applications of wireless and networking technologies in other markets, thereby accelerating our growth strategies for the future.

Outline of PE SA

(1) Company name Paradox Engineering SA
(2) Location of Headquarters Via Passeggiata 7, CH-6883 Novazzano, Switzerland
(3) Representative Mr. Gianni Minetti
(4) Year of Establishment 2005
(5) Capital CHF 132,000
(6) Number of Employees 23
(7) Principal lines of business A solution provider and operator of wireless and networking technologies.
(8) Overseas operations Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), San Francisco (USA)
(9) Relationships with Minebea Capital relationships & personnel relationships, etc.: None
* Exchange rate: 1CHF = JPY109.49
(Note *1) HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System)
A system designed to enhance the performance and effectiveness of maintenance of machines by monitoring the situation such the use of machinery, etc.
(Note *2) HAN (Home Area Network)
A household networking system which is designed for enabling communications between various devices and major electric appliances in the home.
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