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A stakeholder dialogue was held at the Karuizawa Plant

Image : Minebea's CSR Together with the Local Community

Building Trust Through Dialogue

Image : Mr. Toyohiko Uchibori Miyota Town Deputy Mayor Mr. Toyohiko Uchibori: Minebea has cooperated on the preservation of the local environment in many different ways over the years. We are very grateful for your assistance in beautifying the community's landscape, through the planting of cherry trees inside the plant site and your help adding flowerbeds to town sidewalks.

In March 2002, a townscape planning agreement was created for the Obayashi area. Based on the agreement, we formed a Townscape Committee, which Minebea generously chaired for two years, leading townscape planning and development efforts to build an appealing community. We would appreciate your continued cooperation moving forward.

Image : Mr. Tadashi Kanazawa Meeting of Miyota Town ward mayors Mr. Tadashi Kanazawa: In that sense, we're very grateful that Minebea has created this opportunity for communication with the local citizens.

Of course, the presence of companies in the community increases the number of residents and this is very beneficial. At the same time, the number of people from outside the community also rises.

As a result, vehicle traffic increases and drivers speed on our backstreets. Dangerous driving is typical of the kinds of problems we face with population increases.

Ideally, we would like to hold these dialogues on a regular basis so that we could share our community problems and find solutions together.

Mr. Yasuyuki Orimo: The issue with unsafe driving is very regrettable. In the past, we have responded to similar issues the town has brought up, but we understand that our efforts are still insufficient in some areas and we plan to redouble our measures.

Overall, we plan to work harder than ever building trust with the community by continuing to hold these types of dialogue.

Image : The Plant Manager explains the product lineup to visitors Mr. Eiichi Kobayashi: It's important to have regular opportunities to sit down face to face to have discussions on all kinds of topics. Could we schedule two regular dialogues a year, for instance?

Mr. Takao Uehara: How would autumn and spring do? We could start the first regular meeting from next April to match the start of the fiscal year.

Mr. Eiichi Kobayashi: That's a plan. Beginning in 2013, we will have regular dialogues in April and October each year. It's important that the dialogue not end after a couple of years, but continue year after year.

Mr. Masayuki Imanaka: This will be a very important event from a CSR standpoint as well, so I would like to invite the CSR staff to join in the discussions.

Date of the Event : October 25, 2012

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