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A stakeholder dialogue was held at the Karuizawa Plant

Image : Minebea's CSR Together with the Local Community

Internship Program for University Students

Image : Ms. Mikiko Tsuchiya Asama Highland Sports Club (incorporated non-profit organization) Ms. Mikiko Tsuchiya: Following up with the discussion on education, I think it would be beneficial if you created more opportunities for elementary and junior high school students to learn that this illustrious company, the "Global Minebea," is located right here in their hometown.

Mr. Eiichi Kobayashi: In the near future, we would like to arrange regular plant tours for elementary and junior high school students. They could take a tour of the facilities and then have discussions with us over a tea break. It's important to build a tradition of those types of events.

Ms. Mikiko Tsuchiya: I'm the mother of a university student. Speaking from that viewpoint, I would like to see Minebea, with its global business scope, offer internship programs to university students from Miyota.

Mr. Yasuyuki Orimo: In the past, the Karuizawa Plant has not actively hosted interns, but from this year we are hosting graduate students, though not limited to local students. Of course, from the company's standpoint, the program is a very important way of having young people understand our business, and in the future we must continue to enhance it.

At the same time, it's not something we can do lightly. For some students, the internship counts as credit towards their degree, so we cannot simply take the students in and have them do something. We need to ensure that we have a precisely managed program, where students make a presentation at the end of their internship, for example. We want the program to be a good experience for the students.

Date of the Event : October 25, 2012

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