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A stakeholder dialogue was held at the Karuizawa Plant

Image : Minebea's CSR Together with the Local Community


Image : Mr. Eiichi Kobayashi, Minebea Mr. Eiichi Kobayashi: This year marks the 50th anniversary of Minebea's operation in Miyota Town.

The enduring support of the citizens of Miyota is one reason we have been able to operate without incident for a half century. Today, we would like to hear from the citizens of the town, whose support we enjoy on a daily basis, and reflect the outcome of the discussions in our activities moving forward. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Image : Dialogue Participants
Dialogue Participants
Miyota Town Mayor Mr. Yuji Moteki
Miyota Town Council Vice-Chairman Mr. Takeshi Sasazawa
Miyota Town Chairman, Board of Education Mr. Takao Uehara
Miyota Town Deputy Mayor Mr. Toyohiko Uchibori
Committee of Miyota Town area mayors Chairman (Mayor of Shiono area) Mr. Tadashi Kanazawa
Asama Highland Sports Club (incorporated non-profit organization) President Ms. Mikiko Tsuchiya
Miyota Junior High School Principal Mr. Naoya Kodama
Miyota Kita Elementary School Principal Mr. Hirohisa Asachi
Miyota Minami Elementary School Principal Mr. Shoichi Kobayashi
Committee of Miyota Town area mayors Vice-Chairman
(Mayor of Heiwadai area)
Mr. Iwai Sasaki
Committee of Miyota Town area mayors Vice-Chairman
(Mayor of Mukaihara area)
Mr. Masahiro Tokuyoshi
Miyota Town Physical Training Association Chairman Mr. Eiichi Odai
The Hachijuni Bank, Ltd. Branch Manager, Miyota Branch Mr. Noboru Watanuki
Miyota Town Council Chairman,
Civic Construction and Economy Committee
Mr. Hiromu Furukoshi
Miyota Town Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mr. Akinori Kashiwagi
Miyota Town Tourism Association Chairman Mr. Katsuhiko Sakurai
Miyota Town Office Manager,
General Administration Division
Mr. Shigenobu Shimizu
Miyota Town Office Manager,
Citizen Affairs Division
Mr. Kiyosumi Odai
Miyota Town Office Manager,
Industrial and Economic Affairs Division
Mr. Mamoru Iizuka
Miyota Town Office Manager,
Construction Division
Mr. Hiroshi Ogihara
Miyota Town Head of Education Mr. Sakio Takayama
Miyota Town Office Assistant Manager, Planning and Finance Division Mr. Haruki Ogihara
Minebea Co., Ltd. Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer,
Chief of HDD Motor Manufacturing Headquarters
Mr. Eiichi Kobayashi
Minebea Co., Ltd. Managing Executive Officer,
Officer in charge of Finance & Compliance Promotion Division
Mr. Masayuki Imanaka
Minebea Co., Ltd. General Manager,
Plant Maintenance Department
Mr. Kazunari Shimizu
Minebea Co., Ltd. Senior Manager, Karuizawa Personnel and General Affairs Department Mr. Yasuyuki Orimo
Minebea Co., Ltd. Senior Manager, Group Environment Management Department Mr. Masayuki Onoyama
Minebea Co., Ltd. General Manager,
CSR Promotion Office
Mr. Masaki Ishikawa
Minebea Co., Ltd. CSR Promotion Office Mr. Hidenori Kobayashi
Cre-en Inc. CSR Consultant Mr. Takehiko Mizukami

* Titles of participants are current as of date of stakeholder dialogue (October 25, 2012)

Date of the Event : October 25, 2012

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