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Yonago Plant Welcomes Students from Minokaya Junior High School in Yonago City, Tottori for Hands-on Work Experience Program

The MinebeaMitsumi Yonago Plant welcomed two second-year students from nearby Minokaya Junior High School, operated by the Hiezuson Junior High School Union in Yonago City, for a hands-on work experience program.

The goal of the program is to encourage students to think about their future occupation and career. To gain hands-on experience in manufacturing, the students learned various operations under the direction of supervising employees, including development, engineering, production technics, manufacturing and plant maintenance. The program provided a unique opportunity for students not only to hear explanations on a wide range of topics but also to experience work through hands-on practice with actual machinery, equipment and products.

A report was received from the students several days after their hands-on work experience program. In it, they commented on how surprised they were at the large number of MinebeaMitsumi products that were a part of their everyday lives and said they intended to work even harder themselves.

MinebeaMitsumi looks forward to supporting the local community through similar activities in the future.

image:Explanation of motors

Explanation of motors

image:Making a picture frame

Making a picture frame

image:Measurement of brush motor

Measurement of brush motor

image:Assembly of fluorescent light

Assembly of fluorescent light

Event Period : July 11-13, 2017

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