Latest Update : June 20, 2017

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Students from Fujisawa City Shinbayashi Elementary School Visit Fujisawa Plant

The MinebeaMitsumi Fujisawa Plant welcomed nine third-year students from nearby Fujisawa City Shinbayashi Elementary School.

The program, which is part of the students' coursework (School District Exploration), helps them to deepen their understanding of their community by researching and actually visiting the companies and public facilities in their school district in order to speak directly with the people who work there.

The students were excited by the many new things they saw for the first time during their tour and afterward asked many questions typical of elementary school students.

MinebeaMitsumi looks forward to supporting the local community through similar activities in the future.

image : Plant tour

Plant tour

image : Overview of plant

Overview of plant

Date of the Event : June 7, 2017

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