Nov.18, 2022



Notice Regarding Green Bond Issuance

Minebea Mitsumi Inc. (the Company) announces that it priced the Minebea Mitsumi Green Bond (Green Bond) (unsecured bond) today. It has been eleven years since it issued the bonds in Japanese public market and this is its' inaugural green bond issuance for the Company.

Outline of the issuance of Green Bond

Under the Green Bond Framework, proceeds will be allocated to finance following eligible projects

Name Minebea Mitsumi 10th Unsecured Bonds
(with an inter-bond pari passu clause)
(Minebea Mitsumi Green Bond)
Maturity 5 years
Issue Amount JPY 25 billion
Coupon Rate 0.42% (Annual)
Pricing Date November 18, 2022
Issue Date November 25, 2022 (Scheduled)
Maturity Date November 25, 2027 (Scheduled)
Coupon Date May 25 and November 25 for each year until Maturity Date
Use of Proceeds To be allocated to the new investment and refinance of the eligible projects under the Green Bond Framework (Production and research and development of ball-bearings, and procurement of decarbonized power sources)
Bond Ratings A+ by R&I / A+ by JCR
Green Bond conformity assessment The Framework is aligned with the Green Bond Principles 2021 of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) and the Green Bond Guidelines 2020 of the Ministry of the Environment. The Framework is rated Green 1 (F), the highest rating, in "JCR Green Bond Framework Evaluation" by Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd., a third-party evaluation organization.
Lead Underwriters Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.
Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.
Structuring Agent* Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

* The structuring agent is the entity that supports green bond issuance through the formulation of a green bond framework and the acquisition of second-party opinions.

JCR Green Bond Framework Evaluation Results:

JCR Green Bond Framework Evaluation Results (1.88MB/20pages)

Note: This press release has been prepared for the sole purpose of publicly announcing the Company's establishment of green bond framework, and not for the purpose of soliciting investment or engaging in any other similar activity.

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