Sept.17, 2021


MinebeaMitsumi's Smart LED Lighting 'SALIOT' to Be First Used
by Yamada Shadowless Lamp for Medical Lightning Equipment

- CF-V1W Ceiling-Embedded LED Examination Light -

MinebeaMitsumi Inc. has begun provision of the CF-V1W product featuring smart LED Lighting 'SALIOT' (Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet Of Things) to Yamada Shadowless Lamp Co., Ltd. for its newest model. Yamada Shadowless Lamp specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of medical lighting equipment.

The project for this product began with Yamada Shadowless Lamp's move to transition its halogen-bulb based devices currently on the market to LED devices, during which process MinebeaMitsumi's SALIOT gained attention for its characteristics as a moving lighting solution. Yamada Shadowless Lamp is experienced with the demands of medical lighting, being well-versed in the qualities and characteristics of lighting necessary in the medical field, as well as anti-electromagnetic noise and anti-glare measures. This wealth of experience was put to use over the roughly two-year project, which reached the trial sales stage in March 2021; full-fledged sales of the Ceiling-Embedded LED Examination Light will begin this September.

image : Illustration: Installation

Illustration: Installation

image : CF-V1W Ceiling-Embedded LED Examination Light

CF-V1W Ceiling-Embedded LED Examination Light

image : Easy adjustment of optimal light intensity/range via smartphone or tablet

Easy adjustment of optimal light intensity/range via smartphone or tablet

image : Includes remote controls for each spotlight

Includes remote controls for each spotlight

Using a smartphone or tablet, one can easily move SALIOT up, down, left, or right, adjust the light distribution angle, and adjust light intensity.
Lighting products used in medical settings serve purposes beyond general lighting in hospitals—these products must also be able to illuminate affected areas of patients with the necessary level of brightness for various medical examinations and treatments, such as tracheostomies, intravenous drips in ICUs, and so on. Additionally, as the lighting targets do not always occupy the same position, it is also necessary to provide the necessary and sufficient amount of light to the lighting field (lighting environment) and adjust the position of the light source. Because SALIOT can easily adjust the optimal light intensity and positioning, it has now been adopted as a lighting product that reflects these needs that arise in medical settings.

SALIOT sets the scene to concentrate light from several lighting units in one place, creating a lighting field with minimal shadows and enabling the smooth progress of medical treatment.
It can also be tilted up to 45 degrees in a horizontal direction, making it possible to set up a wide range of lighting fields. The extensive range of movement of the lighting enables sufficient cover of the patient and bed space to shine the required light.

During nighttime treatment, leakage of light outside of a given treatment area can be prevented by use of the optional SALIOT honeycomb louver (*1), which minimizes leakage of light outside of the target area. This has the advantage of providing a gentle lighting environment both for the patients near the scene of the treatment and to the medical staff as well.
While this moveable lighting product is installed by embedding it into the ceiling, it is designed to have an extremely low number of protrusions from the ceiling surface, enabling it to blend well into a room that originally has no protruding features.

Looking forward, this product is expected to see use in ICUs, NICUs, obstetrics and gynecology units (delivery/oocyte retrieval), veterinary hospitals, dental surgeries, clinics, and so on. In addition to the Japanese market, the product will also be offered and sold in Southeast Asian markets, such as Taiwan, and ASEAN countries.

Product CF examination light - Ceiling-Embedded LED Examination Light
Model type CF-V1W (Yamada Shadowless Lamp Co., Ltd.)
Application Direct local lighting
Light source High color rendering LED
Color temperature 4000k
Illuminance 30,000 lux (1.5m distance)
Light field diameter Approx. φ170 mm (1.5m distance)
List price 750,000 yen
Sales target 100 units in first year (75 million yen)
  • Brightly illuminates affected areas with a spotlight during surgical first aid, such as in an ICU
  • Little leakage of light to surrounding beds
  • Also provides wide coverage around the bed to provide smooth illumination
  • Simple controls
  • Medical EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) compliant (low noise support)
SALIOT model in use MS-V1293

*1: Honeycomb louver
Component made up of hexagonal cylinders (creating a honeycomb pattern). This fixture prevents the light source from directly entering the field of view.

About MinebeaMitsumi

MinebeaMitsumi is an "INTEGRATION"* manufacturer of precision components which produces various mechanical and electronic devices from bearings, which smooth the rotation of machines, to motors, sensors, semiconductors etc. Our ultra-precision technologies are used in a wide variety of fields including consumer electronics such as air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, dryers, and gaming machines, information equipment such as smart phones and personal computers, automobiles, aerospace products and medical equipment etc. Our products support everyone's life from behind the scenes.

* INTEGRATION means "combining" rather than "simple gathering." The Company will evolve its "core products" by combining and utilizing its proprietary technologies and will create new products in various fields through the INTEGRATON of the evolved products.

About Yamada Shadowless Lamp Co., Ltd.

Established in 1927, Yamada Shadowless Lamp. Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells "shadowless lamp" surgical lighting.
Yamada Shadowless Lamp provides lighting necessary for the practice of medicine, such as surgical lighting, examination lighting, and ceiling lighting.
As professionals in the field of lighting, Yamada Shadowless Lamp continues to pour its efforts into refining medical lighting and satisfying its customers with its offering of "gentle light that illuminates accurately".

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