Mar.30, 2021

MinebeaMitsumi Inc.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

A New Addition to the Bed Sensor System™ Product Line to Contribute to the Nursing Market

- Simple Installation Underneath the Bed Leg to Monitor
Patient's Referential Weight and Caring for Them with Warning Alarms -

MinebeaMitsumi Inc. (Representative Director, Chairman & President (CEO & COO) Yoshihisa Kainuma, hereinafter "MinebeaMitsumi") and Ricoh Company, Ltd. (CEO, Executive President & Representative Director Yoshinori Yamashita, hereinafter "Ricoh") have entered a joint business development agreement on 2018. Since then, the two parties have jointly developed and sold the "Bed Sensor System™". Today, on March 30th 2021, MinebeaMitsumi will proudly announce the launch of a new model "Bed Sensor System Basic" to further enrich the Bed Sensor System product line. This new model will provide features focusing on those that collected high demand from the market, such as "measurement of referential body weight" and "warning alarm emission when detecting the patient leaving bed".

The "Bed Sensor System" is a product to look after patients using its easy-to-install sensor systems which are placed under the bed legs. The sensor system enables high-precision monitoring of the patients' condition and vital information. The sensors set beneath the bed legs are of very low profile, and hence avoids collecting the patient's attention. Therefore, the patients are ensured with their normal lifestyle without being bothered with the feeling that they are being monitored.

With the super-aging society just around the corner, addressing operational efficiency in the nursing sites to improve productivity, as well as improving the nursing staff turnover has become a social challenge in Japan. MinebeaMitsumi and Ricoh jointly worked to develop their business in order to contribute in resolving such challenges, and have released the "Ricoh Mimamori Bed Sensor System" to the market on July 2018. Since the launch of "Ricoh Mimamori Bed Sensor System", we have conducted further research and collected voices from many customers which eventually exposed the concrete challenges seen in the nursing sites to provide sufficient care. From such voices, we have planned and developed a new model with limited features which were determined based on the high demand from the nursing sites. This limited feature product will be provided with a more affordable price so that the products will be able to support a wide variety of nursing business owners.

Bed Sensor System Basic: Features

① Measurement of Referential Weight

High-precision sensors are placed underneath the four bed legs to measure the patient's referential body weight. Referential weight measurement will be possible without leaving the bed. This will save the workload of the nursing staffs, as well as sparing the patient's inconvenience. Furthermore, this will contribute to a uniformed management of the body weight, which is a very important indicator capturing the patient's health condition.

② Warning Alarms - notification when the patient is out of bed

Making maximum use of MinebeaMitsumi's load cell technology, the system will measure the patient's load displacement while they are on bed. When the system detects the patient's absence, or their movement to leave the bed, alarm notifications will be sent out so that the nursing staffs will be able to take action to prevent possible fall hazards.
Moreover, alarms will help to optimize the nursing staff's visits to the patient. This will reduce the patient's stress from receiving too many visits from the staffs, and will also reduce the staffs' workload.
Communication options for alarms through Nurse Calls and Wi-Fi™ are provided as a standard.

③ Flat Sensor

The sensors are designed to be flat, and can support various types of beds. Compared to the conventional sensor, installation has become much easier. We developed the sensor to be more stylish, but at the same, with the goal to support beds with no casters.

image : System Structure


FEATURES Display the Patient's Condition Displays the total load measured or patient's referential body weight
Warning Alarm Alarms will be sent out when detected loads decline exceeding the set threshold.
Measurement of Referential Weight Allows measurements from 30~150kg
Display Provides and displays a history of referential body weight/warning alarms
SUPPORTED BEDS Total Mass 80~200kg (Total weight of Bed and Patient)
Type General nursing beds
(Bed frames shall not interfere with the sensor unit)
Back Rest Angle 0~60°
Mattress Soft, medium, medium-firm, air mattress
(Air-mattress with auto-position adjustment function and other special functions are not supported)
Bed Legs (Caster-type) Width: 90mm or smaller, Φ50-Φ150mm
Bed Legs (No-casters, Square-type) Width: 90mm or less, Length: 160mm or less
Space Necessary for Sensor Installation Width: ≧ 275mm
Length: ≧ 410mm
Height: ≧ 35mm
TEMPERATURE / HUMIDITY RANGE Recommended 15~32℃, 40~70%RH (Non condensing)
Allowable 5~35℃, 20~80%RH (Non condensing)
SENSOR UNIT Size 265(W) × 398(D) × 25(H)mm
(excluding protruding areas)
Weight Approx. 2,200g (per each sensor module)
DATA LOGGER Junction Box Size 98(W) × 160(D) × 44(H)mm
(excluding protruding areas)
Weight Approx. 240g
Controller Size 88(W) × 140(D) × 30(H)mm
(excluding protruding areas)
Weight Approx. 400g
Power Supply Exclusive AC adapter required, and is provided as accessory.
Power Voltage: AC100V
Power Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: Max 0.58A
DATA COMMUNICATION Between Sensor Unit and Data Logger:
Hard-wired (cable provided as accessory)
Between Data Logger and Access Point:
Wireless LAN - IEEE802.11a/b/g/n


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* "Bed Sensor System" is a registered trademark in Japan of MinebeaMitsumi Inc. Its registration No. is 6152256.

* Wi-Fi™ is a trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.

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