June 18, 2018



New Kosice Plant in Slovakia Started Production of Automotive Motors

~ Expanding automotive and industrial machinery business in the European market ~

On June 15, 2018, MINEBEA MITSUMI Inc.(MinebeaMitsumi) held the opening ceremony upon the completion of the construction of a new plant, mainly manufacture motors for automotive applications, in Kosice, Slovakia.

MinebeaMitsumi will invest 100 million euro (approx. 12.7 billion yen) in this new plant by 2022 and will have about 2000 employees. The plant is not only a manufacturing base, but also functions as the second R&D base in cooperation with an existing European R&D base, Precision Motors Deutsche Minebea GmbH (PMDM), and expects to hire more than 100 engineers. In the future, the plant plans to manufacture various products such as automotive antennas and LED backlights.

The start of production at the new plant enables to make a full scale entry to European supply chain and we aim to expand automotive and industrial machinery business further in the European market by having the reduction in foreign exchange risk and tariff, savings in logistics, and speeding-up product delivery.

Outlook of new plant

Image : Outlook of new plant

Outline of Kosice Plant

Company Minebea Slovakia S.R.O.
Location Immopark Kosice City, Bahylova/Kletisku, 040 17 Kosice, Slovakia
Representative Mr. Joerg Hoffmann
Total investment value 100 million euro (12.7 billion yen)
(5 years total until 2022)
Products Automotive motors etc.
Number of employees 2000 (plan for 2022)
Land area 100,000㎡
Building area 26,000㎡
Company Name: MINEBEA MITSUMI Inc.
Representative: Yoshihisa Kainuma
Representative Director, CEO & COO
(Code No. 6479, TSE Div. No.1)
Contact: Takayuki Ishikawa
General Manager
Corporate Communications Office
Phone: +81-(0)3-6758-6703
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