Apr.11, 2013

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Minebea to Exhibit at Auto Shanghai 2013

- Our Contribution to Environmental Protection -

Minebea Co., Ltd. will participate in the 15TH Shanghai International Automotive Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2013) to be held in Shanghai from April 20 through 29 (Press day: April 20, Trade/public day: April 21 to 29).

Minebea has been participating in motor shows in China since 2012 to spotlight its extensive lines of products in automotive industry and its' pioneering commitment to environment conservation especially in its two manufacturing sites in Shanghai (Shanghai and Xicen plants).

Minebea's Contribution to Environmental Conservation/Protection Activities

Minebea has always placed a high priority on environmental protection and the company started its' environmental conservation/protection activities in the early stage. In 1993 Minebea became the first bearing manufacturer to abolish the use of specific chlorofluorocarbons and ethane as cleaning agents in its production. Minebea's Shanghai and Xicen plants were established in 1994 near the Dianshan Lake in Shanghai-city. The plants had been facilitated with advanced wastewater treatment system since its establishment in order to preserve water and to conserve the beautiful nature of the Dianshan Lake. Furthermore, in 2009, Minebea installed the "zero plant effluent system" to carry out 100% re-use of the wastewater.

Major products to be displayed

  • VR resolvers*1 for EV motors, EPS/ISG motors
  • Large diameter VR resolvers for HEV motors
  • Ball bearing units for turbochargers
  • Eccentric ball bearings and other small-sized ball bearings for automotive components
  • Lighting devices for car LCD monitors
  • PM motors and other small-sized motors for automotive components
  • Electro Mechanics Solution (EMS*2) for automotive components
Image : VR resolvers for EV/HEV motors (rotation angle sensors)

VR resolvers for EV/HEV motors
(rotation angle sensors)

Image : PM Stepping motors for headlight optical axis adjusters

PM Stepping motors for headlight optical axis adjusters

Image : Eccentric Ball Bearings

Eccentric Ball Bearings


Shanghai New International Expo Centre (N4-B105)

Overview of Minebea Booths

Image : Overview of Minebea Booths


1. VR resolver (rotation angle sensor)

A VR resolver is a rotation angle sensor designed to detect the position of a motor's magnetic pole and control motor speed. This high-precision sensor features a simple design, high resolution and superior environmental resistance. Consisting of a resolver stator with windings and a resolver rotor made up of only a lamination stack assembly, the VR resolver detects angles based on changes in the air gap between the rotor and stator. Minebea's VR resolvers are used in electronic power steering motors, ISG motors, hybrid and electric vehicle engine motors, brushless motors for brake systems as well as other automobile applications, and more.

2. EMS = Electro Mechanics Solution (hybrid components)

EMS (Electro Mechanics Solution) offers an integrated solution which will meet our customer needs based on our extensive experience of designing and manufacturing the mechanical assemblies, rotary components and electronic devices. By combining Minebea components such as miniature ball bearings, motors, electric circuits, measuring components and other precision mechanical parts, Minebea can elegantly and efficiently offer optimized system solution to the customers.

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