Sept.1, 2011

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Notice Regarding the Construction of a New Plant at
German Ball Bearing Manufacturing & Sales Subsidiary Company

On August 25, a ceremony was held to hail the commencement of construction of a new plant to be located on an adjoining site to the Leutkirch headquarters plant of myonic GmbH (Head Office: Leutkirch, Germany, "myonic"), a high-precision specialist ball bearing manufacturing and sales subsidiary company of Minebea Co., Ltd., with the intention of creating a framework for increasing production. The new plant is scheduled to be completed in May 2012 and is forecast to commence operation in August of the same year.

myonic, which became a consolidated subsidiary of Minebea Group when it was acquired in March 2009, is a long established high-precision specialist ball bearing manufacturer. The company manufactures and sells specialist ball bearings mainly to the European and U.S. markets for use in dental instruments, CT/MRI device-centered medical apparatus and aerospace related equipment, specializing in low volume - high value added products. In addition to the existing markets, the company is also actively engaged in propagating new business, utilizing the network of the Minebea Group. As the existing plant is undersized given the anticipated expansion in the scale of operations from hereon, the enlargement of the plant has been imperative. In conjunction with the operation of the new plant, the company plans to consolidate the likes of production facilities at leased plant locations and restructure them within the headquarters plant to improve production efficiency and amplify performance.

While sales capacity at present is around 4 billion yen, the company plans to magnify this capacity by approximately 20% by the March quarter of 2015, through the increased production volume anticipated from the development of new markets and construction of the new plant.

myonic GmbH Outline of New Plant

Location Steinbeisstrasse 4, D-88299 Leutkirch, Germany
Investment Value Approx. ¥600 million (Plan)
Land Area Area of newly purchased land 21,250㎡ (Existing land area 19,596㎡ Total 40,846㎡)
Building Area New plant area 3,050㎡ (Current headquarters plant area 2,535㎡ Total 5,585㎡)
Completion May 2012 (Plan)
Start of Operation August 2012 (Plan)
Media Inquires: Corporate Communications Office, Minebea Co., Ltd.
TEL +81-(0)3-5434-8637 FAX +81-(0)3-5434-8607
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