June 27, 2011


Minebea Co., Ltd.

Notice regarding the Management of Affiliate Subsidiary

Minebea Co., Ltd. ("Minebea") hereby announces that the following new management of Minebea Motor Manufacturing Corporation ("MMMC"), an affiliate subsidiary of Minebea, has been decided through the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of MMMC held today, June 27 and the Board meeting of the said subsidiary subsequent to the General Meeting.

The New Management of Minebea Motor Manufacturing Corporation

Hirotaka Fujita Representative Director and President
Sadahiro Matsuura Absentee Representative Director and Vice President (Newly appointed)
Current Position: Home Appliance Motor Business Category Owner,
Motor Business Unit,
Home Appliances Company,
Panasonic Corporation
Tatsuo Matsuda Director
Katsuhiko Yoshida Director (Newly appointed)
Ken Morita Absentee Director (Newly appointed)
Current Position: Senior Managing Director, Member of the Board,
Panasonic Corporation
Satoshi Noda Standing Corporate Auditor
Masaaki Katagiri Absentee Corporate Auditor
Naotoshi Kouno Absentee Corporate Auditor (Newly appointed)
Current Position: Motor Business Administration Office Councilor,
Head Quarter,
Panasonic Corporation

The following two Directors and one Corporate Auditor have retired at the close of the above General Meeting of Shareholders.

Kazuyuki Takada Representative Director and Vice President
Shuji Uehara Senior Managing Director
Shunsuke Yagi Absentee Corporate Auditor
Company Name: Minebea Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshihisa Kainuma
Representative Director,
President and Chief Executive Officer
(Code No. 6479, TSE Div. No.1)
Contact: Yasunari Kuwano
General Manager
Corporate Communications Office
Tel: +81-(0)3-5434-8637
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