Mar.28, 2011

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Notice regarding the Strengthening of its Sales Force Geared toward Emerging Markets

~ Establishing a Subsidiary in Brazil and Expanding Sales Offices in China ~

Minebea Co., Ltd. (Minebea) hereby announces the establishment of a new sales subsidiary, the expansion of sales offices, and the strengthening of local sales staffs well-acquainted with respective markets in such rapidly-growing emerging markets as Brazil, China and India, to be detailed below. In so doing, Minebea strives to provide its existing customers with prompt sales services and reinforce its system to get prepared for further sales growth in the relevant emerging markets.

(1) Brazil - establishing a subsidiary (sales company)

At the end of April, 2011, a sales company, "NMB-Minebea Brazil" (named tentatively) will be established in Sao Paulo, which will start its operations around the middle of May. Minebea's sales of products to Brazil have been carried out by its European and U.S. marketing subsidiaries as the sales representatives; however, from now on Minebea aims to increase its sales in Brazil and other South American countries by starting full-scale marketing activities through the establishment of new Brazilian sales subsidiary with a view to setting up a direct sales and marketing system for existing customers.

<Outline of NMB-Minebea Brazil (tentative name)>
Representative : Yoshiyasu Ito
Location : Sao Paulo, Brazil
Establishment : April 30, 2011 (as planned)
Scope of Business : Sales of such Minebea's products as ball bearings and rotary components

(2) China - expanding sales bases/liaison offices and increasing sales staffs

In Mainland China, Minebea has been actively expanding its marketing activities geared toward Chinese markets since 2002 through a series of establishments of Minebea Trading (Shanghai) Ltd., Minebea (Hong Kong) Ltd., and Minebea (Shenzhen) Ltd.

In 2010, Minebea opened its sales bases and liaison offices in such coastal regions as Dalian in October, Beijing and Wuhu City in Anhui province in November. In addition, in FY2011 the company plans to open three new liaison offices in Chengdu (Sichuan province), Wuhan (Hubei province) and Xi'an (Shaanxi province) and start sales and marketing activities led by Chinese staffs in order to expand marketing channels in rapidly-expanding inland areas of China. As a result, the total number of sales forces in China will be increased to 170 and Minebea will be geared towards the expansion of its marketing activities in ever-growing markets in China in a more refined manner.

<New Branches and Sales liaison offices>
October 2010 Dalian Branch
November 2010 Beijing Liaison Office, Wuhu Liaison Office
April 2011 (planned) Chengdu Liaison Office
May 2011 (planned) Wuhan Liaison Office, Xi'an Liaison Office

(3) India - starting full-scale marketing activities

In India, Minebea will gradually increase the number of local Indian sales staffs in the representative offices and liaison offices in Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune with a view to commencing full-fledged marketing activities there. The company will strive to reinforce its sales activities to new customers and expand sales in the future.

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