May 15, 2006

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Organizational Changes and Managerial Assignments

We would like to announce organizational changes and managerial assignments effective May 1, 2006 as follows:

1. Organizational Changes

Engineering Headquarters

We have established an Intellectual Property Division and transferred the Intellectual Property Department from the Engineering Support Division to the Intellectual Property Division.

2. Managerial Assignments

New Assignment Former Assignment
Kozo Taki, Mr.
General Manager of Intellectual Property Department,
Head of Intellectual Property Division,
Engineering Headquarters
General Manager of Intellectual Property Department,
Engineering Support Division,
Engineering Headquarters
Company Name: Minebea Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takayuki Yamagishi
Representative Director,
President and Chief Executive Officer
(Code No. 6479)
Contact Person: Shunji Mase
Managing Executive Officer,
Head of Personnel & General Affairs Div.

Naoyuki Kimura
Deputy General Manager of Personnel & General Affairs Department

Tel. 81-3-5434-8612 / Fax 81-3-5434-8601
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