Mar.1, 2005

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Transfer of Fixed Assets

We hereby announce that as below, our Board of Directors has resolved at a meeting on March 1, 2005 to transfer fixed assets to Yokogawa Electric Corporation.

1. Reason for the Transfer

The reason for the transfer is that there are no effective utilization plans for the above fixed assets (land and buildings) whose part is currently leased.

2. Content of the Assets to Be Transferred

Content of the Assets and Location Book Value Transfer Price Present Status

· 757-1 Aza Tadoshi, Nakadate,
   Tamaho-cho, Nakakoma-gun,
   Yamanashi, Japan

· 753-1 Aza Donomae, Nakadate,
   Tamaho-cho, Nakakoma-Gun,
   Yamanashi, Japan

   Land      : 32,843.71 square meters
   Buildings: 11,583.51 square meters

¥2,153 Million
¥114 Million
¥898 Million Kofu Plant
(Now closed)
   Total ¥2,267 Million ¥898 Million - - -
Notes. 1. Book values are those at the end of January 2005.
2. Transfer price is the sale proceeds less transfer expenses (estimated).

3. Outline of the Transferee

Company Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Location 9-32, Nakacho 2-chome, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-8750, Japan<
Representative Representative Director and President: Isao Uchida
Capital 32,306 Million  yen(As of December 31, 2004)
Main Business Manufacture of control devices, information equipment, measuring instruments, aerospace equipment, etc.
Relationship with Minebea There is no capital and personal relationship with Minebea.

4. Schedule of the Transfer

March 1, 2005: Resolution at the Board of Directors
March 31, 2005 (Planned): Signing of Transfer Agreement
July 31, 2005 (Planned): Transfer of the Assets

5. Outlook for the future

Despite an extraordinary loss expected to be incurred by the transfer of the fixed assets, there will be no revision to Minebea's earnings forecast (unconsolidated and consolidated) for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2005, as the loss is expected to be offset by unrealized consolidated profit.

Company Name Minebea Co., Ltd.
Representative Tsugio Yamamoto
Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
(Code No.6479 TSE Div.No.1)
Contact Person Takashi Yamaguchi
Managing Executive Officer
in charge of Accounting and Finance
Information in the press releases is current on the date of the announcement.
Product information, contact and other context are subject to change without prior notice.

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