July 2, 2004

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Minebea to Establish Plant for Printing European-Language PC Keyboards in Slovakia

NMB-Minebea UK Limited, a U.K. subsidiary of Minebea Co., Ltd. ("Minebea"), will set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, NMB Minebea Slovakia s.r.o., in Bratislava, the Slovak Republic to commence printing of Minebea's European-language PC keyboards.

· Company Name: NMB Minebea Slovakia s.r.o.
· Capital: Three-million-Euro-equivalent Slovakia crown
· Parent Company: NMB-Minebea UK Limited
· Managing Director: Daishiro Konomi (Managing Director of NMB-Minebea-GmbH)
· Principal Office: Bratislava, the Slovak Republic
· Date of Establishment: July 2004 (Planned)
· Start of Production : End of August in 2004 (Planned)
· Number of Employees: About 150
· Floor Area: About 5,000m2
· Principal Lines of Business: Printing of European-language PC keyboards
· Printing Capacity: 500,000 keyboards per month

Minebea is manufacturing all PC keyboard models in both Thailand and China (Shanghai). However, regarding Minebea's European-language PC keyboard models, key-top printing in twenty-nine different European languages is required for each model. Therefore, NMB-Minebea UK Limited is taking on this work at its Inchinnan plant in Scotland, the United Kingdom. However, considering the recent acceleration of moves into Eastern Europe by PC manufacturers, Minebea has decided to launch a new printing plant in Slovakia. The main purpose of this launch is to better serve our customers while trimming logistics costs.
NMB-Minebea UK Limited plans to close the Inchinnan plant at the end of September this year.

Minebea's PC Keyboard Production

· Production Site: Minebea Thai Ltd.'s Bang Pa-in Plant (Ayutthaya, Thailand)
Shanghai Shun Ding Technologies Ltd. (Shanghai, China)
NMB Minebea Slovakia s.r.o. (Bratislava, Slovakia)
· Production Volume: About 2.5 million units per month (Total volume of the two plants in Thailand and China. Printing only in Slovakia.)

For inquiries, please contact:
Minebea Co., Ltd.
Masaki Ishikawa
Corporate Communications/Investor Relations Office
Corporate Planning Department

ARCO Tower, 19th Floor,
1-8-1, Shimo-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8662
Tel: 81-3-5434-8637
Fax: 81-3-5434-8607
E-mail: mishikaw@minebea.co.jp
URL: http://www.minebea.co.jp/

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