Mar.4, 2004

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Minebea's Manufacturing Subsidiary in U.S.A. is Selected as One of the Award Recipients for Exemplary Pollution Prevention Activities Implemented in California

California's Department of Toxic Substance Control (hereinafter "DTSC") has announced in December 2003 its selection of New Hampshire Ball Bearings (hereinafter "NHBB"), Inc.'s Precision Division, a manufacturing subsidiary in Chatsworth, California of Minebea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Minebea"), as one of the award recipients for exemplary pollution prevention activities implemented in 2003. The DTSC has recognized more than 50 local governments, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals in 2003. NHBB is one of the three industrial/private sector recipients.

Minebea, the parent company of NHBB, considers environmental preservation at all of its production bases worldwide to be a cornerstone of its management policy. NHBB has likewise made an all-out effort on environmental preservation based on its basic policies, such as pollution prevention, regulatory compliance, and continuous reduction of environmental impact. Also, NHBB has been certified for ISO 14001 since 2001.

NHBB has saved more than 52,000 gallons of water annually by using specific recycling and water reduction activities, and is working on the following environmental preservation activities.

  • Solvents are recycled on site.
  • Paper, computers, batteries, pallets, scrap metal, green waste, cans, and cardboard are segregated on site for further recycling.
  • Rinse water for the ball bearing component passivation process is recycled through an ion exchange system to reduce water use.
  • Ion exchange backwash water is treated on site and discharged under permit to the City.
  • Since 1999, emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) have dropped from 11 tons to just 3.5 tons in 2002.

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