Introducing Minebea's New Logo and Tagline

Minebea Co., Ltd. will celebrate its 60th anniversary with a new corporate logo and tagline to be unveiled in January 2012.

New Logo Design and Corporate Tagline

image : New Logo

Since its founding in 1951, Minebea has been supplying quality ball bearings and other precision products to various customers everywhere. Minebea continues to lead the way in innovation, like its recent expansion into the field of hybrid components (which is called EMS Business) integrating Minebea's various elemental technologies, and other new businesses.

The new logo design features a bold font that highlights Minebea's commitment to manufacturing excellence. The sharp edges of each letter define the company's dynamic and innovative spirit that is taking it toward the future.

— Passion to Exceed Precision —

Minebea's new corporate tagline, "Passion to Exceed Precision," points to where the company is headed as it reaches this 60th anniversary milestone. The phrase sums up that the passion in each of its employees is the key to continually drive the company forward with a commitment to make ultra-precision products. It also represents that the company, which has long been successful as an efficient mass producer of single components, is now determined to move forward to be a superior mass producer of integrated hybrid components.

Crediting its success over the last sixty years to its loyal customers, Minebea is looking forward to its 100th anniversary as it moves ahead to help create a brighter future for all.

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