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Minebea (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. Implemented Using Battery Waste Bins to Save Environment

On September 9, 2023, Minebea (Cambodia) cooperated with EcoBatt-Energy Cambodia company, which is licensed by the Ministry of Environment, to implement the use of battery waste bins in 2 locations in the company to demonstrate our commitment for sustainability and to comply with the local law.

The introduction of battery waste bins marks a significant step towards promoting environmental sustainability. This innovative solution is designed specifically for the safe disposal of batteries and aims to address the growing issue of battery waste within the factory premises as well as the external environment because Minebea (Cambodia) believes that the improper disposal of batteries can lead to a lot of harmful environmental consequences including pollution and contamination to the soil and water sources.

Likewise, our purpose is not only to create a cleaner and healthier environment but also to demonstrate a company's commitment to sustainability by encouraging our employees to dispose the used batteries correctly into the bins. Within this implementation in the workplace, we can effectively raise awareness about the importance of proper battery disposal and maintain a good environment workplace.

In conclusion, the introduction of battery waste bin is a commendable initiative that plays a crucial role in saving the environment. By offering a designated disposal solution for batteries, we can prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into the environment and reduce the overall pollution caused by battery waste. Furthermore, Minebea (Cambodia) demonstrates the dedication to sustainability, fostering a positive image and inspiring others to follow this good practice.

MinebeaMitsumi Group will continue to take part in environmental protection activities in the future.

image : Battery Waste Bins

Battery Waste Bin Installation in Place

image : Donations to Omiya Kodomo Shokudo 1

Disadvantages of Battery Waste Poster

image : Donations to Omiya Kodomo Shokudo 2

Battery Waste Disposal Guideline

image : Battery Waste Bin Training 1
image : Battery Waste Bin Training 2

Battery Waste Bin Training

Date of the Event : September 10, 2023

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