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A Regular Meeting was Held with the Citizens of Miyota Town, Nagano Prefecture

In October 2012, Minebea held a stakeholder dialogue with citizens of Miyota Town, Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture, where the company's headquarters is located. During the dialogue, it was decided that a regular meeting will be held twice a year on a continuing basis in order to build trust with the community. Recently we held our first regular meeting at the Karuizawa plant. On the day, subjects such as studying a cooperative structure at a time of disaster, internship programs, using locally made vegetables at the employee cafeteria were discussed.

A Regular Meeting

Meeting Participants

Miyota Town
Deputy Mayor Mr. Toyohiko Uchibori
Manager, General Administration Division Mr. Shigenobu Shimizu
Manager, Planning and Finance Division Mr. Kazuaki Tsuchiya
Manager, Industrial and Economic Affairs Division Mr. Mamoru Iizuka
Minebea Co., Ltd.
General Manager, Plant Maintenance Department Mr. Kazunari Shimizu
Senior Manager, Karuizawa Personnel and General Affairs Department Mr. Yasuyuki Orimo
Group Environment Management Department Mr. Mamoru Ichikawa
General Manager, CSR Promotion Office Mr. Masaki Ishikawa
CSR Promotion Office Mr. Hidenori Kobayashi

Date of the Event : May 16, 2013

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