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Started in 1951 as Japan's first manufacturer specializing in miniature ball bearings, the Company now has two business segments: the "Machined Components Business", which provides stable growth and high profit margins, and the "Electronic Devices and Components Business", which contributes to high growth and incomes.

* In addition to the above, sales of Other Businesses (dies and in-house parts) amounted to 500 million yen (0% of total sales).

The Machined Components Business has three main products: "Ball Bearings", "Rod-end/Fasteners" and "Pivot Assemblies".

Ball Bearings

image : Ball BearingsIt is no exaggeration to say that ball bearings are located anywhere they rotate. Most of the ball bearings we manufacture are miniature and small sized ball bearings with an outer diameter of 22 mm or less, and account for about 60% of the global market.
This is said to be as the staple of the industries. At least 100 ball bearings are used in ordinary homes and, in some cases 200 ball bearings are used. It is an essential product that supports our daily lives. In addition to its familiar products, it also encompasses a wide range of fields, including medical equipment and aerospace.
For this reason, we have produced more than 8,500 types when detailed specifications are included.


image : Rod-end/FastenersRod-ends are parts that move like joints. They are often used to open and close aircraft hatches (doors). Fasteners (screws, bolts, etc.) are mechanical elements that tighten and secure parts and parts.
These are mostly used in including aircraft, helicopters, trains, automobile, power plants, construction equipment, vessels, play equipment, and space-related applications.
We boast the top global market share (about 50%).

Pivot Assembly

image : Pivot AssemblyThis part is used for the fulcrum of the actuator with the magnetic head of the hard disk drive (HDD). Our components include ball bearings, shafts, and sleeves, all of which are highly competitive in terms of quality, supply capability, delivery speed, and manufacturing cost. We produce the majority of our products in an integrated manner at our Ban Pa-in plant in Thailand for sale to global markets.
We boast the top global market share (approximately 70%).

The Electronic Devices and Components Business has four main products: "Motors", "Electronic Devices", "Sensing Devices (Measuring Devices)", and "Others".


Motors include stepping motors, HDD spindle motors, brushless DC motors, brush DC motors, and fan motors.

Stepping Motor

image : Stepping Motor Our main products are "PM stepping motors" and "hybrid type stepping motors".
These are motors that rotate at a fixed angle with an electrical signal. They are necessary for functions such as positioning the printer so that the lines of characters printed on the printer are always constant, focusing adjustment of the digital camera, aberration correction function of the Blu-ray disc, etc.

HDD Spindle Motor

image : HDD Spindle Motor This is a motor that rotates the disk of a hard disk drive (HDD). Since the performance of an HDD is influenced by storage capacity and processing speed, it is necessary to satisfy extremely high precision requirements in terms of speed, etc. Bearings, which are an important part of the heart of this motor, are highly precise bearings manufactured in-house, and contribute greatly to the accuracy and reliability of these bearings.

Brushless DC Motors

image : Brushless DC Motors An electronic circuit (driver circuit) of a drive circuit composed of power elements such as transistors is used to electrically switch the current to rotate the motor.
Our main products are "Small Brushless Motors", "Power Brushless Motors", and "Polygon Mirror Scanner Motors".
Small brushless motors are motors used in driving parts of digital AV devices and PC peripherals and in electrical applications. Power brushless motors are motors used to drive photosensitive drums, paper feeds, toners, and other mechanisms of office automation equipment such as multifunction devices. Polygon mirror scanner motors are motors that rotate polygon mirrors at high speed and scan laser light emitted from LDs (laser diodes) onto photoreceptors. They are used in laser writing systems such as digital copiers.

Brush DC motors

image : Brush DC motors This is a motor used for driving parts such as AV equipment, PC peripherals and cameras, and for electrical applications. An electrode called a "brush" and a "commutator" are installed inside the motor. The two commutators are in contact and the motor is rotated by mechanically changing the current.

Fan motor

image : Fan motor This is a motor used to rotate fans (blades) on home appliances and PCs to discharge heat generated inside the equipment to the outside and to cool the inside of the equipment.

Electro (electronic) devices

image : Electro (electronic) devices Electro (electronic) devices are LED backlights and composite products.

LED backlights: widely used in high-definition color LCDs such as mobile phones, motor instruments, including smartphones, digital camera monitors, and music player displays.

Hybrid products (EMS): new types of assemblies (constituent units) made up of manufactures components in a wide range of fields, enabling the integration of the electronics (Electronics) field and the mechanics (Mechanics) field by integrating components manufacturing technologies in various fields, such as machined products and electronic equipment, which have been cultivated over many years.
Currently, it is widely used in ATMs, mobile phone communication base stations, and medical devices.

Sensing devices (measuring instruments)

image : Sensing devices (measuring instruments) Combining the automotive, consumer electronics, health care and industrial machinery fields, where our traditional sensing device business (*) specializes, and the food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, where Sartorius Mechatronics T&H GmbH, a major European company with a strong competitive edge in the global market acquired in February 2015, we are able to expand our product lineup significantly more efficiently than in the past and develop more efficient businesses around the world.

(*) Changed the name of measuring equipment to sensing devices from April 2016.


Includes "special equipment" for the Ministry of Defense and other equipment.

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