Basic Procurement Policies

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We shall comply with the spirit of various laws and regulations regarding business transactions and conduct procurement activities pursuant to laws and regulations.

2. Open Door Policy

We shall conduct the best transactions under the principle of free competition in Japan and/or abroad.

3. Equity and Fairness

While selecting suppliers, we shall give comprehensive consideration to the quality, price advantage, delivery assuredness, after-sales service, reliability and technological capabilities that they can offer, under the principle of fair competition.

4. Green procurement

To deploy environmentally-friendly business activities, we shall actively address the procurement of materials that gives consideration to the global environment.

5. Maintaining Confidentiality

We shall strictly control any trade and technical confidential information that has become aware in the course of purchasing transactions, and shall not disclose any such information to outside parties without the supplier's permission.

6. CSR Procurement

We shall drive CSR Procurement, which has laid down human rights, labor, safety and health, environmental preservation, and ethical management.

At the same time, we request Suppliers to understand and cooperate for our basic ideas and work on CSR Procurement.

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