Procedures for New Business

figure: Procedures for New Business
1Submission of Application Form
Company and product information of all applicants will be registered to MinebeaMitsumi's Supplier Information Database by submitting Application Form.
2Application Screening
Applications are reviewed in accordance with the procurement standard of MinebeaMitsumi Group.
3First Meeting
Meetings will be held with potential suppliers.
At the first meeting, the potential supplier is requested to present its corporate profiles and products. MinebeaMitsumi explains about details of requirements and requests quotation.
4Submission of Quotation
5Overall Evaluation
With all the information given at this point, MinebeaMitsumi conducts the comprehensive evaluation.
6Request for Samples and Documents
If the supplier's offer is considered advantageous, MinebeaMitsumi requests to submit samples and specifications.
7Submission of Samples and Documents
8Evaluation of Samples and Documents
Quality and engineering tests will be conducted to confirm that the samples and documents are fully qualified for MinebeaMitsumi's requirements.
After all the necessary tests complete and the samples and documents are qualified, MinebeaMitsumi approves to start business with the new supplier. Facility inspections may be required in certain cases.
10Conclusion of Contract
The supplier and MinebeaMitsumi conclude a contract by signing Basic Transaction Agreement.
11Start Business Transaction
MinebeaMitsumi places an order.

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