Environmental Policy

MinebeaMitsumi Group Environmental Policy

The MinebeaMitsumi Group strives to contribute to the protection of the global environment and sustainable human development. In accordance with our corporate philosophy and "The Five Principles" of its management policy, the MinebeaMitsumi Group operates its business activities in a responsible manner which respects the environment.

Corporate Philosophy (move to company site)

1. Continual improvement of the environmental management system and the environmental performance

The MinebeaMitsumi Group will establish objectives to minimize environmental impacts to the best of its technical and economical ability in order to promote continual improvement of the environmental management system and performance. The MinebeaMitsumi Group will implement internal environmental audits at regular intervals to maintain and improve the environmental management system.

2. Development and design

The MinebeaMitsumi Group will aim to offer its clients products which contain no hazardous substances for the environment or the health and safety of humans, and which consume as little energy as possible, have high reliability and long life.
The MinebeaMitsumi Group will develop and design products which minimize environmental impacts over their entire life cycle from the selection of direct and indirect materials and component parts through end use to disposal.

3. Manufacturing

For environmentally conscious manufacturing and its continuous improvement, the MinebeaMitsumi Group will improve production yield, reduce product scrap, energy consumption and waste through the 3R concept (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and implement preventive measures with regard to pollutants.

4. Procurement and logistics

For environmentally conscious procurement and logistics, the MinebeaMitsumi Group will procure materials including indirect materials and component parts which contain no hazardous substances and employ environmentally friendly logistics systems to minimize environmental impacts such as CO2 emissions.

5. Cooperation with authorities, local public entities and stakeholders

The MinebeaMitsumi Group will observe applicable environmental laws and regulations as well as agreements with other stakeholders in the countries and local communities where it is engaged in business. The MinebeaMitsumi Group will contribute to society through participation in its environmental conservation activities. The MinebeaMitsumi Group will establish voluntary standards as needed to reduce environmental impacts and conserve environment.

6. Contribution to the international community

The MinebeaMitsumi Group will make public its environmental conservation technologies to contribute to the international community's environmental activities.
The MinebeaMitsumi Group will also recognize that its business activities may have an effect on biodiversity and ecosystems and will work to conserve nature.

7. Enhancement of environmental conservation awareness among the MinebeaMitsumi Group employees

This environmental policy will be published to the whole MinebeaMitsumi Group. Each employee will be expected to work proactively to conserve the environment.

Established August 26, 1993
Revised April 1, 2017

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