Management Policy

MinebeaMitsumi Group has upheld "The Five Principles" described in the following as a set of our company credo.

The Five Principles

  • (a) Be a company where our employees are proud to work
  • (b) Earn and preserve the trust of our valued customers
  • (c) Respond to our shareholders' expectations
  • (d) Work in harmony with the local community
  • (e) Promote and contribute to global society

Based on these company credos, the company's basic management policy is to fulfill its social responsibility and to maximize the corporate value for its various stakeholders, such as shareholders, business partners, local communities, global society and employees. Aiming at concentrating its management resources on the fields where it has the collective and comprehensive strengths of the corporate group, MinebeaMitsumi Group has worked proactively on "the development of high-value-added products" and "the advancement of the quality of the products." In addition, we strive to reinforce our corporate management centering on "the strengthening of our financial standing" as well as to implement "the company management having a high-degree of transparency" in a comprehensive manner both internally and externally.

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