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Summer 2023 Matsumoto Yamaga Honda Tsushin Kogyo Day to engage with the local community

On August 12 (Sat.), the 22nd match of the J3 League, "Matsumoto Yamaga FC vs. Catale Toyama," was held at the SunPro Alwin stadium in Shinshu Sky Park as the "HTK Honda Tsushin Kogyo Day". The venue, Matsumoto Yamaga FC's home ground, was filled with the team's color, green.

Since Honda Tsushin Kogyo signed a sponsorship contract with Matsumoto Yamaga FC, matches held during the summer vacation period have been designated "HTK Honda Tsushin Kogyo Day" and this year marked the 12th consecutive year. The local people know the event as "Alwin Fireworks," and 200 fireworks were launched at halftime to light up the night sky over Matsumoto City.

The fireworks that were set off between the hotly contested matches seemed to symbolize the sparks and competition between the two teams, and their brilliance captivated both the players participating in the matches and the supporters watching the games.

Unfortunately, Matsumoto Yamaga FC lost the match 0-1.

Before the game began, students from the local Misato Elementary School and Misato Junior High School soccer clubs were invited to participate in a soccer clinic. Appropriate coaching by four Matsumoto Yamaga FC players (Miyabe (DF), Enomoto (FW), Ninomiya (DF), and Usui (GK)) provided an opportunity for the participating children to learn the fun of soccer.Members of Honda Tsushin Kogyo's Azumino Plant also assisted in the operation of the clinic as staff members.

Just before the game, President Kashio greeted the spectators gathered in the stands from the pitch, sending strong encouragement and messages to the players and the local community. Due to the restrictions on activities at the Corona Disaster, last year and the year before, Kashio appeared via video message, but this was his first direct address from the pitch since assuming the presidency.

Through these social contribution activities, MinebeaMitsumi will continue to build close relationships with local communities and contribute to their revitalization.

The origin of Matsumoto Yamaga FC's team name is introduced at the following URL

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image : Greetings from President Kashio

Greetings from President Kashio

image : The Match

The Match

image : A view of the stand

A view of the stand

image : Fireworks at half-time 1
image : Fireworks at half-time 2

Fireworks at half-time

image : Group photograph
image : Soccer Clinic 1
image : Soccer Clinic 2

Soccer Clinic

Date of the Event : August 12, 2023

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