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Beautification campaign (cleanup activities) at MinebeaMitsumi's Fujisawa Plant

On Friday, June 23, 2023, a cleanup campaign (cleaning activities around the plant) was held at MinebeaMitsumi's Fujisawa Plant. This cleanup activity is conducted every June as part of the Fujisawa Plant's health and safety and environmental management efforts in response to the National Safety Week Preparation Month activities.

One or two persons were selected from each workplace to clean up each assigned area around the plant. The area surrounding the plant is surrounded by roads, which are not only used by employees as a route to work, but are also used daily by residents of the surrounding area as a road for their daily lives and as a route to school for nearby elementary school students.
On the day of the cleanup, we focused on cleaning the roads adjacent to the factory and were able to pick up a lot of trash, including fallen leaves and weeds.

Through this beautification campaign, each employee will be aware that he or she is a member of the community, and we will aim to contribute to the local community through cleanup activities.

Through these social contribution activities, MinebeaMitsumi will continue to protect the natural environment and maintain close ties with local communities.

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Cleaning activities

Date of the Event : June 23, 2023

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