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Work experience training for people with disabilities at U-Shin Showa Ltd. Kyoto Plant

In October 2022, U-Shin Showa Ltd. accepted students (4 boys and 1 girl) from the Kyoto Prefectural Tamba Support School, a local special needs school, for work experience training on three separate occasions.

U-Shin Showa Ltd. hired its first employee with disabilities in April 2021, and hired two more in April next year.
The MinebeaMitsumi Group, which operates globally, encourages diverse human resources regardless of gender, age, nationality, or disability. This is also because we are creating a workplace where each individual can maximize their abilities with the aim of further strengthening our human resources.

Through this work experience training by people with disabilities, employees and trainees were able to communicate with each other to understand their individual characteristics and develop their strengths.

To ensure that all employees, regardless of whether they have disabilities or not, can work in a rewarding environment, we will continue to create a workplace environment where everyone can play an active role under the guidance of our experienced assembly employees.

We also believe that understanding and respecting people in positions different from our own and working together with them will foster more teamwork. We will also make use of this in the development of human resources who will continue to grow while coexisting with the diverse human resources that will be necessary in the future society.

The MinebeaMitsumi Group will continue to maintain close ties with local communities through these social contribution activities.

image : Work experience training

Work experience training

Event Period : October 2022

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