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Karuizawa Plant Cleanup Activities

Cleanup of commuting routes was held at Karuizawa Plant on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.
The commuting route cleanup is usually held in June to coincide with Environment Month, but this year's event was rescheduled to July due to various circumstances. Since the rainy season ended early, there were concerns over extreme heat, but the weather was overcast and the cleanup was early in the day, so temperatures did not rise as much as we had feared.

As in the previous year, the cleanup covered two areas: the area from the plant to Lake Sessou and the sidewalk in front of the grounds of the Miyota-machi B&G Ocean Center. A total of 53 employees, including 48 from each Dep. (Dep. within a Div.) and each working group, and 5 from Environment Management Dep., participated in the cleanup and collected 2.69 kg of trash.

MinebeaMitsumi Group will continue to protect the natural environment and maintain a close relationship with local communities through these social contribution activities and cleanups that support beautification efforts.

image : Cleaning activities
image : Cleaning activities

Cleaning activities

Date of the Event : July 13, 2022

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