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At the MinebeaMitsumi Group, plants and other facilities take the lead in performing vigorous local contribution activities, environmental activities, etc.
This section reports on wide-ranging activities performed in various locations in 2021.


MinebeaMitsumi is awarded "A-" in CDP Climate Change 2021 and CDP Water Security 2021

MinebeaMitsumi was awarded the "A-" ratings in both of the "CDP Climate Change 2021," and the "CDP Water Security 2021," a survey conducted by the UK ... more

Event Period : December 2021

Group photo of participants

Sponsoring of MinebeaMitsumi Open 2021 (Curling Tournament)

The WCT-JAPAN (World Curling Tour-Japan) MinebeaMitsumi Cup, which had been held for 12 years, was a disappointing result of being discontinued for ... more

Event Period : November 27 - 28, 2021

Handover pattern

Support for the food drive business of the Miyota-machi Social Council

At the Minebea Mitsumi Karuizawa Plant, we supported the food drive project conducted by the Miyota-machi Social Council (a project to distribute donated food, ... more

Date of the Event : October 27, 2021

Cleaning activities

Volunteer employees at Yonago Plant participate in Nakaumi cleanup activities

Last year, the event was canceled due to COVID-19, but this year, we took measures to clean up Nakaumi. At the Minebea Mitsumi Yonago Plant, 35 employees ... more

Date of the Event : October 24, 2021

Royal Phnom Penh Hospital

Donation of medical products, etc. at the Cambodian plant

In order to prevent the spread of covid-19, the Cambodian plant donated 500 personal protective equipment to the Royal Phnom Penh Peng Hospital on August 3, 2021, ... more

Date of the Event : August 3, & 4, 2021

Awards Ceremony (Remote)

Minebea (Cambodia) Receives the 3rd ASEAN-OSHNET Excellence Awards

A manufacturing subsidiary of MinebeaMitsumi Inc. in Cambodia, Minebea (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., has been awarded the "Excellence Awards" of the "3rd ... more

Date of the Event : July 27, 2021

Donation of MinebeaMitsumi Mask

Thai, Malaysia Plant- Donation of MinebeaMitsumi Mask

In Thailand and Malaysia, covid-19 infection had been relatively prevented, but the spread of the infection has continued since April.
In response to this situation, MinebeaMitsumi Group has... more

Date of the Event : July 20, 2021

The handover ceremony

Cambodia Plant- Donation of personal protective equipment

On July 14, 2021, Cambodia plant has donated a total of 1,300 personal protective equipment in gratitude to the Kamboul District of Phnom Penh and ... more

Date of the Event : July 14, 2021

Explanation of the company outline

Miyota Minami Elementary School Visits Karuizawa Plant

On July 9, 2021, MinebeaMitsumi Inc.'s Karuizawa Plant welcomed 97 third graders and five teachers from nearby Miyota Minami Elementary School for a ... more

Date of the Event : July 9, 2021

Award Presentation

NMB Singapore Ltd. Receives May Day Award 2021 - Plaque of Commendation (Gold)

NMB Singapore Ltd. is conferred the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) May Day Award, Plaque of Commendation (Gold) for its good labour-management ... more

Date of the Event : April 28, 2021


MinebeaMitsumi is awarded "A-" in CDP Climate Change 2020 and CDP Water Security 2020

MinebeaMitsumi was awarded the "A-" rating in the "CDP Climate Change 2020," and the "CDP Water Security 2020," a survey conducted by the UK non-profit... more

Event Period : February 2021

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