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Tateshina Municipal Junior High School, Nagano Pref. Visits Karuizawa Plant

Minebea's Karuizawa Plant welcomed sixty-nine first-year junior high school students from Tateshina Municipal Junior High School in Kitasaku District, Nagano Pref. The visit, which was part of the students' social studies curriculum, taught them about industrial goods manufactured at a local factory and exposed them to the experiences and sentiments of people working in the factory.

After a general introduction to the company, the students visited the main plant.

During the question and answer period, the students all raised their hands enthusiastically to ask questions about annual sales, the types and durability of bearings, and how people felt working at the plant.

Minebea will continue to support the local community with such activities in the future.

Question and answer period

Question and answer period

Date of the Event : October 17, 2013

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