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In July, 1951, Nippon Miniature Bearing Co., Ltd. which is the predecessor of Minebea Co., Ltd. was founded as Japan's first manufacturer specializing in miniature ball bearings.
The company was formed after the war by engineers from the former Manchuria Aircraft Company upon their return to Japan from Manchuria, and their dreams and passion were focused on the growth of the aircraft industry. After that, we merged with MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO., LTD., which manufactures and sells mechanical parts, semiconductor devices, high frequency devices etc. on January 27, 2017, and changed the company name to the present "MinebeaMitsumi Inc.".
Nippon Miniature Bearing Co., Ltd. was incorporated on July, 1951 and renamed Minebea Co., Ltd. in October 1981. We merged with MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. on January 27, 2017, and changed to the present "MinebeaMitsumi Inc."
"NMB," used partly in brand names and names of subsidiary companies, are the initials for Nippon Miniature Bearing and the trademark of the MinebeaMitsumi Group.
We have adopted following "The Five Prinsiples" of management and strives for transparent management practices. Please see the Corporate Philosophy for more information.
We shall .....
(1) Be a company where our employees are proud to work
(2) Earn and preserve the trust of our valued customers
(3) Respond to our shareholders' expectations
(4) Work in harmony with the local community
(5) Promote and contribute to global society
Minebea manufactures and sells machined components such as ball bearings and electronic devices and components such as motors used in home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, automobiles, aircrafts and more.
Please see Profile for more details.

About Business Results and Finances

Our account is closed on March 31 every year.
In addition, we announce quarterly business results. Please refer to IR Calendar for the detailed schedule.
Pursuant to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Timely Disclosure Regulations, we discloses material information that affects investments on TDnet provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For a better understanding of us, please refer to this website as well as our integrated reports and other publications. We have started to issue "Integrated Report" in place of "Annual Report" since the year ended March 31, 2018.
We announce its consolidated financial results quarterly. Financial data are disclosed in Brief Report of Financial Results and Financial Results.
You can see the past financial data at Financial Data page. Moreover, the past documents such as Brief Report of Financial Results and Financial Results are available at Presentations & Events.
Please download the file from Integrated Reports. We have started to issue "Integrated Report" in place of "Annual Report" since the year ended March 31, 2018.

About Company's Stock

An annual general meeting of shareholders is held in June every year. Please see the IR Calendar for the schedule by present.
The ordinary shares issued by MinebeaMitsumi are listed on the stock exchanges of Tokyo.
On the establishment of the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in October, 1961, stock of the Company was listed on this section. Its stock had moved from the Second Section to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in October 1970. On April 4, 2022, we shifted to the "Prime Market" of the new market segments along with the market restructuring of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
427,080,606 shares have been issued.
The record date of year-end dividend is March 31, and the record date of interim dividend is September 30. Please see Dividend/Share Repurchase for information about dividends paid in the past.
Our basic dividend policy gives priority to enhancing equity efficiency and improving returns to our shareholders, with dividends reflecting performance in light of the overall business environment while maintaining stable and continuous distributions of profits.
For current and historical dividend data, please refer to Dividend/Share Repurchase.
No, we don't.
We send a convocation notice of a general meeting and a proxy statement to each of the shareholders recorded in our shareholder list as of the end of the record date for such meeting (March 31 of each year). Voting rights may be exercised by
  1. submitting a voting card in person at the general meeting of shareholders
  2. sending a voting card by mail
  3. via the Internet, please use the code and initial password that are indicated on the voting card, follow the guidance on the screen and vote for or against each proposal.
It is MinebeaMitsumi's policy to reflect the opinions of as many shareholders as practicable at a general meeting. Based on this policy, we are making various efforts to increase the number of shares for which voting rights are actually exercised. One of these efforts includes speeding up the delivery of convocation notices to foreign shareholders for whom it usually requires more time to communicate information so that they will not be at a disadvantage compared with domestic shareholders. Prior public notice will be posted if it is necessary to establish a different record date for a special general meeting.
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited is the agent to manage shareholders registry for MinebeaMitsumi. For more information see Stock Information.
For details, please contact Stock Transfer Agency Business Planning Department of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited listed in "Information for Shareholders" on "Stock Information" page.
0.59 shares of Minebea common stock will be allotted and delivered for each share of MITSUMI common stock.


Please refer to Corporate Governance.
Please refer to the IR Contact & Request for Documents.

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