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Investor Conference Call for 1Q FY 3/2014 held on July 31, 2013

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Question and Answer

Results for measuring components and electronic devices were right on track but the actual figures for motors were higher than we had projected. Sales of information motors in the office automation equipment market were upbeat, and we started to see some positive effects from the structural reforms implemented last fiscal year in HDD spindle motors.
Yes. Our motor business moved back into the black in June.
One big factor is LED backlights. Although sales were low in April, when the business was in the red, sales soared in May and June as did profits. Sales are expected to remain high for July through September and drive profits up even further. Likewise, sales of motors were still low in April but increased in May and June. We expect to see both sales and profits increase from July through September since we don't foresee any negative factors that could substantially hinder sales.
We should be able to reach somewhere in that vicinity.
It's because internal sales of ball bearings will rise above what they were during the first quarter and the overall production volume will also increase. This will improve the balance between production and sales even further. Production efficiency will improve and production costs per unit will decrease. We had huge unrealized profits during the first quarter and this will also decrease.
Ball bearing sales volumes for the April - June period averaged 217 million units per month, with 135 million units sold externally and 82 million units sold internally. The average monthly production volume hit 216 million units. The sales volume for the July - September period is expected to reach 220 million units per month, with 133 million units to be sold externally and 87 million units to be sold internally. The average monthly production volume is expected to be 227 million units. For pivot assemblies, the average monthly sales volume for the April - June period was 33 million units per month, while the average monthly production volume was 32 million units. Sales and production for the July - September period is expected to respectively average 32 million units per months and 34 million units per month.
Sales in China are robust although that's not where the end products are supplied to. Sales were strong for different applications, including server fan motors, automobiles, office automation equipment, and ATMs.
Sales is basically expected to remain high although August sales are likely to be affected by summer vacation in Europe and the U.S.
We don't know yet at this stage, but we don't foresee any factors that will bring sales down significantly.
It was almost 1 billion yen.
Both sales and profits rose in May and June although the impact of the structural reforms were not so evident in April. Production and sales for all motor products with the exception of fan motors increased and further improvement is expected during the July - September period. The fact that productivity at our Cambodian plant, which went into full-scale operation about a year and a half ago, has risen dramatically is also making a positive impact.
Sales reached only 3.0 billion yen in April, dragging the business down into the red. Sales totaled 4.8 billion yen in May and 4.9 billion yen in June. Sales are expected to total about 5.5 billion yen in July and 6.0 billion yen or more in August and September. LED backlights for tablet PCs have not generated much sales yet.
Sales increased every month from April to June with the exception of HDD spindle motors whose sales are usually affected by inventory adjustments at the end of each quarter. Information motor sales remained strong mainly in the office automation equipment market. Overall motor sales should edge up slightly during the July - September period. We expect that the motor business will turn around as production efficiency improves.
Unfortunately the fan motor business is making much slower progress than the other motor businesses. We don't expect it to make much progress in the second quarter either.
Honestly, we are not sure about where our business will wind up in the third and fourth quarters in comparison with the second quarter. That's why we didn't change our initial forecast for the period.
We should be able to get a clearer picture of where the business is headed in the second fiscal half by the time we announce our financial results for the second quarter. We will consider changing our forecast then if necessary.
It's true that demand for LED backlights always fluctuates, and we had a hard time because of that last fiscal year. We are working to minimize the risk of fluctuating demand by building up our customer base, forming a business and capital alliance with Korea's KJP, etc. We are also seeing growing sales to the automobile industry, where demand is usually stable, so we will leverage that advantage to counter the seasonal drop in demand in the smartphone and cellular phone markets that we usually experience from around New Year's.
Although this business is susceptible to demand fluctuations, we anticipate sales remaining high in August and September.
Our HDD pivot assemblies gained a bigger share of the market for high-end HDDs and sales increased even though the HDD market in the April - June period shrunk a little in comparison with the January - March period. We expect sales to remain flat from July to September. We plan to boost the production volume in the second quarter above what we plan to sell since our inventory declined too much in the April - June period.
Sales are not so high yet, so the company will make only a slight contribution to our consolidated results. We are looking to consolidate it in the second quarter if possible, or by the third quarter at the latest.
We revised up 2.8 billion yen for ball bearings sales, 1.2 billion yen for rod-end fasteners, and 2.5 billion yen for pivot assemblies.
In terms of sales volume, fan motors accounted for 30%, automobile 20%, office automation equipment 10%, air conditioners and other home appliances 10%, and ATMs 7%.
Although we are working on it, we haven't begun a full-scale entry into the market since we are currently focused on meeting the growing demand for our current line of high quality ball bearing products. We view it as an area that needs to be worked on.
This is mainly an upward revision made in light of the projected operating income for LED backlights.
Although operating income is expected to move back into the black in the second quarter, it will still be in the red when you look at the overall results for the fiscal first half. We didn't change our initial forecast and expect the business to break even in the fiscal second half.
That's because some of the demand hasn't kicked in yet.

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