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Latest Update : Dec.26, 2023

Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

Basic Views

The Board of Directors has resolved the following as a policy for promoting constructive dialogue with shareholders.

The Company has adopted "The Five Principles" as our company credo. The Five Principles are "be a company where our employees are proud to work"; "earn and preserve the trust of our valued customers"; "respond to our shareholders' expectations"; "work in harmony with the local community"; and "promote and contribute to global society". Based on these company credos, the Company strives to realize sustainable growth and the medium-to long-term enhancement of corporate value. To accomplish this, the Company recognizes the understanding and support of stakeholders including shareholders and investors is essential.

As part of this measure, the Company actively carries out dialogue with shareholders and investors. At the same time, the Company strives to fulfill accountability as a corporation by explaining and disclosing information concerning management situation including progress of management plans, quantitative financial information, and non-financial information such as on corporate governance, the environment and CSR in a timely and appropriate manner using the Integrated Report.

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Systems and Initiatives for Dialogue with Shareholders

The Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Office serves as the dedicated department for dialogue with shareholders. It deals with shareholders in cooperation with the related departments. The views of shareholders obtained through these dialogue activities are shared and utilized, and provided as feedback to management and related divisions through the distribution of reports at meeting bodies when necessary. The Company hosts presentations of financial results and telephone conferences of financial results for institutional investors and securities analysts. In addition, it has been actively communicating with investors outside of Japan remotely during the COVID pandemic.

At the same time, the Company makes efforts to disclose information through its corporate website.

In addition, the Company pays attention to the management of insider information in accordance with the "Minebea Mitsumi Group regulations on insider trading prevention," so that important facts that have not yet been disclosed are not communicated in our dialogue with shareholders.

Measures to Vitalize the General Shareholders' Meeting and to Facilitate the Smooth Exercise of Voting Rights

Early notification of Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

For the 77th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 29, 2023, we mailed the convocation notice on June 1st, 4 weeks before the meeting.

Moreover, we disclosed the convocation notice (Japanese and English versions) to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and on our website 2 days prior to mailing it. In this manner, we have appropriate system to provide information to shareholders.

Allowing electronic exercise of voting rights

A system for executing voting rights through the Internet has been in place since 2006, the 60th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.

Initiatives to facilitate a better voting environment for institutional investors, including participation in the electronic proxy voting platform

We have been using the "Electronic Voting Platform for Foreign and Institutional Investors" operated by ICJ, Inc. since the 62nd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held in June 2008.

Disclosure of voting results

The results of exercise of voting rights for proposals at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders are posted on EDINET as an Extraordinary Report, as well as being posted on our website in both Japanese and English.

IR Activities

Activities Contents FY3/2023
Explanations by the CEO Explanations by the CFO Explanations by the IR Staff Other Explainers
Regular presentations and conference call held for securities analysts and institutional investors Meetings are held every quarter, as either presentations or online conferences (conference call).
Dialogue on non-financial information such as ESG with analysts and institutional investors Individual interviews on non-financial information such as ESG with analysts and institutional investors.
Overseas factory tours for analysts and institutional investors Conduct tours so that analysts and institutional investors can visit overseas factories. Business Manager
Individual meeting for overseas institutional investors (Roadshow) Conduct individual meeting in Europe, North America and Asia.
Presentations sponsored by securities companies (Japan and overseas) Attend conferences sponsored by securities companies and hold individual meetings with overseas institutional investors.
Presentations for individual investors Hold meetings for individual investors in various places in Japan.
Individual meetings and telephone conferences for analysts and institutional investors Hold meetings for individual investors in various places in Japan.

* In addition to the above, issuing investor relations-related printed/digital materials, and planning and updating the investor relations section of website.

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