MinebeaMitsumi Group Code of Conduct

Latest Update : Oct.16, 2020

MinebeaMitsumi Group Responsible Minerals Procurement Policy

MinebeaMitsumi Group is committed to promote initiatives toward the non-use of tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold and other minerals such as cobalt that are originated in conflict-affected areas and high-risk areas where instability of political situation, collapse of social infrastructure, and/or violence have been widespread (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Region") and that are involved in or affecting/affected by conflicts and CSR risks.

The conflicts and CSR risks refer to:

  • human rights violations associated with mining, transporting, and dealing of minerals (e.g. forced labor, child labor, human trafficking, abuses, and other inhumane acts);
  • direct or indirect support to armed groups;
  • illegal activities conducted by public or private security forces (e.g. illegal imposition of taxes and extortion of money in their jurisdictions); and
  • bribery, false statement about where minerals are sourced from, money laundering, and unpaid taxes, charges, and mining royalties.

On the basis of the above procurement policy, MinebeaMitsumi Group will:

  • conduct surveys on smelters in the supply chains by using survey forms issued by internationally recognized organizations that promote responsible minerals procurement, or properly implement surveys by appropriate means;
  • promote procurement from smelters that have been certified, through an internationally-reliable minerals audit program, that they are not involved in or affecting/affected by the conflicts and CSR risks in the Region;
  • take measures not to obstruct the use of some minerals that are sourced from the Region but through legal business activities; and
  • request our suppliers to cooperate us in the surveys about minerals and to make efforts toward the responsible minerals procurement throughout the entire supply chain on the basis of the policy of MinebeaMitsumi Group.

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