Green Procurement (Environmental Activities)

[ Important Notice ]
2017.01.27 Despite the business integration of Minebea Co., Ltd. and Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd., for Green Procurement, please continue the same process as before.
Please click herefor Mitsumi's Guideline.

Basic Policy

MinebeaMitsumi Group strives to contribute to higher quality, more comfortable lifestyles by providing truly valuable products and services. At the same time, the Group works to minimize the environmental burden of its activities and promote greater harmony, thereby contributing to the preservation and improvement of a healthy environment.

Activity Objectives

MinebeaMitsumi's Green Procurement activity aims to clarify the Group's "prohibited chemical substances" used in raw material, parts, components and packaging material, procured by the Group and to inform the Group and suppliers of such substances in order to reduce the environmental burden and achieve compliance with the related laws.

Requests and Research

Documents to be submitted

  1. Certificate of Non-Use of Prohibited Chemical Substance/Non-use Certificate List
  2. Report of Analysis Results, Analysis Report
  3. SDS, Material Certificate (Inspection Certificate)
  4. Documents for Sharing Data on Chemical Substances Contained in Products/Environmental Hazardous Substances Survey Report
  5. Component Sheet
  6. SVHC survey form for REACH regulation


Minebea Group Green Procurement Standard

Minebea Group Green Procurement Standard - Related Documents

Forms of Documents required for Submission

Special Requirements (If any, Minebea will individually contact suppliers to make special requirements.)

Minebea will individually make requirement to supplier with regard to customer requirement not specified in this standard.

Please note that the formats listed above are standard.
Depending on the product, you may be requested to submit documents in a different format.

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