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The Minebea Group believes that proper utilization of a regular PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action) cycle is important for promoting its CSR initiatives. Until FY2009, we engaged in environmental initiatives based on annual goals established for our Environmental Protection Plan. However, beginning in FY2010 we have been practicing goal-setting for all of our CSR initiatives. This approach will allow us to properly manage the progress of our CSR initiatives and link them to CSR initiatives for the upcoming fiscal year.

CSR Goals for FY2011


CSR management
  • Build a structure for promoting a PDCA system for CSR management CSR
  • Promote stakeholder engagement CSR
  • Promote internal CSR dissemination initiatives CSR
Corporate governance
Risk management
  • Strengthen compliance system on a global basis Compliance
  • Continuously implement compliance training and introduction of e-learning Compliance
  • Promote BCP formulation Personnel & GA
  • Strengthen disaster mitigation system at domestic plants Personnel & GA

CSR CSR Promotion Office Compliance Compliance Office
Personnel & GA Personnel & General Affairs Department


Relationships with customers
  • Strengthen significant quality issue response and review system Quality Management
  • Formulate recall handbook in accordance with Product Safety Guidelines Quality Management
  • Promote acquisition of international Quality Management System (QMS)
    certification to strengthen Quality Assurance System Quality Management
  • Promote acquisition of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
    (advanced qualification) status in South Korea and Singapore Logistics
  • Promote bar code-based product management to prevent such issues as incorrect shipments Logistics
Relationships with employees
  • Strengthen human rights education Personnel & GA
  • Strengthen development and utilization of personnel suited for global development Personnel & GA
  • Promote initiatives relating to work-life balance Personnel & GA
  • Meet legally required employment percentages for the handicapped and support for their employment Personnel & GA
Relationships with local communities and global society
  • Initiate formulation of a Social Initiative Policy for the Minebea Group CSR
Relationships with suppliers
  • Conduct training relating to the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors, and implement self-auditing relating to the Act Procurement
  • Establish CSR procurement framework Procurement
Relationships with shareholders
  • Promote active information disclosure relating to progress and implementation of Medium-term Business Plan IR
  • Promote active communication with domestic and international investors IR

Quality Management Quality Management Support Office Logistics Logistics Department
Personnel & GA Personnel & General Affairs Department CSR CSR Promotion Office
Procurement Procurement Department IR Investors Relations Office


Environmental management
  • Acquire ISO14001certification (Yonago Plant, etc.) Environment
  • Review of Environmental Philosophy Environment
Product-related initiatives for the environment
  • Standard-setting for Minebea Green Products Environment
  • Development of products and technologies contributing to energy and resource conservation as well as waste reduction Environment
Initiatives for preventing global warming
  • Establish Minebea Group medium-, long-term targets for reducing CO2 emission volume Environment
  • Reduce CO2 emission volume for Minebea Group plants worldwide Environment
    (establish base year, specify overall volume and reference unit)
  • Ascertain CO2 emission volume for overall Minebea Group distribution Logistics
  • Promote use of proper transport measures to reduce energy consumption Logistics
Initiatives for effective use of resources
  • Reduce volume of waste ultimately disposed of as landfill by Minebea Group plants worldwide to less than 4,000 tons per year Environment
  • Define Minebea zero emissions, investigate current status Environment
  • Reduce plant effluent volume Environment
  • Investigate/implement returnable package system for international shipping Logistics
Initiatives for reducing impacts on the environment
  • Zero violation of environmental laws and self-imposed regulations Environment
  • Complete cleanup measures at plants where soil and groundwater pollution has been confirmed (Ichinoseki Plant) Environment
  • Manage volumes of chemical substances used at Minebea Group plants Environment
  • 100% implementation of Pollution Patrol Programs Environment
  • Implement regular local audits of waste disposal companies Environment

Environment Group Environment Management Department Logistics Logistics Department

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