Internal Promotion of CSR Activities

Internal Promotion of CSR Activities

Since FY2012, the MinebeaMitsumi Group has been holding CSR study meetings among working-level coordinators in each division to discuss goals for our CSR promotion activities.

Information on CSR was also disseminated through an internal newsletter published twice in FY2022, and domestic and overseas sites conducted internal CSR dissemination activities through their CSR Officers. Training was also conducted for recent-graduate and mid-career new hires.

Future Issues and Goals

As a global enterprise, the MinebeaMitsumi Group aims to promote CSR based on international standards in collaboration with Minebea Connect Inc., HONDA TSUSHIN KOGYO CO., LTD. and Minebea AccessSolutions Inc., which became a Group member in FY2022. We are reinforcing management systems and instilling and promoting CSR awareness throughout the Group.

Furthermore, by addressing materialities, we will contribute to achieving the SDGs and solving social issues through our business activities.

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