Identification process of Materialities

In FY2019, the MinebeaMitsumi Group established the Sustainability Management Division to fulfill the Group's social responsibility as a global enterprise and enhance the sustainability of our business. In conjunction with that, we identified as materialities priority sustainability issues that the Group is addressing. Going forward, we will apply the PDCA* cycle to the materialities and take further action to address them.

* A technique for continuously improving management and operations through repeatedly performing Plan, Do, Check, and Act.

Identification Process

Step 1: Organization of Topics Subject to Evaluation

We organized 20 topics as candidate materialities while making reference to the GRI Standards, Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), ISO 26000, and the standards of the U.S. Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), which are international frameworks relating to CSR and ESG, as well as the Group's business models.

Step 2: Evaluation of Significance

We evaluated the 20 organized topics for their significance. When conducting the evaluation, we conducted a questionnaire survey of directors, CSR Officers at domestic and overseas sites, and relevant divisions to gain views from the perspective of the Group. With regard to the perspectives of stakeholders, we conducted questionnaire surveys of investors, suppliers, and employees and reflected the results of past dialogues with local communities and customers.

Step 3: Dialogue with an Expert

Based on the results of the evaluations in Step 2, we conducted a dialogue with Mr. Keisuke Takegahara, Executive Officer, Deputy Chief Research Officer, and Chief Manager of Sustainability Management Office, Corporate Planning & Coordination Department at the Development Bank of Japan Inc. to obtain feedback on our approaches and results.

Step 4: Identification of Materialities

Based on the results of Step 3, the organized materialities were reported to the Board of Directors, which made the final decision on Group materialities.

Topics Investigated and Extracted and Evaluation Results

image : Topics Investigated and Extracted and Evaluation Results
  • Increasing the efficiency of energy use
  • Expanding the use of renewable energy
  • Creating environmentally friendly products
  • Reducing materials harmful to the environment
  • Effectively using resources
  • Adapting to climate change
  • Preserving biodiversity
  • Contributing to dialogue with and the development of local communities
  • Respecting human rights
  • Ensuring employee safety and health
  • Creating positive and rewarding work environments
  • Human resources development worldwide
  • Diversity promotion worldwide
  • Providing safe and reliable products
  • Raising customer satisfaction
  • Practicing responsible procurement
  • Creating solutions to social issues
  • Establishing sound corporate governance
  • Maintaining strict compliance
  • Reinforcing risk management

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