Review of materialities

In 2019, the Company identified material issues focused on fulfillment of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Due to changes in the external environment, including heightened interest in environmental issues, we revised the material issues that had been put together from the standpoint of CSR as "management issues" for implementing strategies from a company-wide perspective.

Priority Topic 1 Priority Topic 2 Priority Topic 3
Contributing to solutions to environmental issues Creating the high quality precision products that support society Maximizing the power of employees
  1. "Contributing to solutions to environmental issues" refers to "reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions through environmentally friendly products" leveraging INTEGRATION and the ultra-precision machining technology that is our biggest strength. We are working on this together with "minimizing the environmental impact of business activities."
  2. "To create the high quality precision products that support society," thereby contributing to the environment, we work on "strengthening the system for mass and stable supply of ultra-precision components" and "practicing responsible procurement" while also promoting "coexistence with local communities" at manufacturing and other business sites, including job creation and collaboration with local residents.
  3. The source of this value creation is our human resources. Aiming to "maximize the potential of our employees," we seek to "train human resources and promote diversity on a global scale" while working to "create positive and rewarding work environments" for employees and promote "employee health and safety."

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