Outline of operations

An Electro Mechanics Solutions™ provider combining ultra precision machining and electronics technologies

MinebeaMitsumi combines Minebea's ultra precision machining technology with MITSUMI ELECTRIC(MITSUMI)'s electronics technology as an Electro Mechanics Solutions™ provider that contributes to the age of IoT, supporting manufacturing around the world.

* "Electro Mechanics Solutions" is a registered trademark in Japan of MinebeaMitsumi Inc. Its registration No. is 5322479.

A comprehensive manufacturer of high-precision components across a wide range of businesses

As a company with its origins in the business of machined components including ball bearings as well as rod end bearings and pivot assemblies for aircraft, Minebea has expanded the business arena for motors, lighting devices, measuring components and other electronic devices.
Through this business merger, Minebea not only acquires MITSUMI's semiconductor devices, optical devices, mechanical components, high-frequency components, and power source components, but also pursues the further expansion of existing businesses as well as challenges in new, strategic fields.

The world's highest share in a variety of products

We boast the world's highest share in a variety of products, from miniature/small-diameter ball bearings of 22mm or less to aircraft rod end bearings, HDD pivot assemblies, thin LED backlights, protector ICs for lithium ion secondary batteries, and more.

A global network

With production and sales bases in Japan, Thailand, China, the Philippines, and countries all over Asia as well as Europe and the Americas, MinebeaMitsumi is a global corporation supporting about 100,000 employees.

Diverse applications in society

From the smartphone in the palm of your hand to the HALCA satellite's rocket, MinebeaMitsumi's products have a wide array of applications in our homes, offices, and the industrial world.

Rigorous environmental protection activities

MinebeaMitsumi will continue its rigorous efforts in environmental protection activities at its group production bases around the world.

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