Environmental Report

The information on this page was published before the January 27, 2017 business integration between Minebea Co., Ltd. and Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd. The CSR Report for MinebeaMitsumi Inc. will be published in September 2017. Link to Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd. .

This section reports on the Minebea Group's environmental policies, such as environmental philosophy, management system, activities and protection plans.

The Minebea Group is undertaking to strengthen its initiatives to prevent global warming by sharing useful knowledge, technology and energy-conservation measures across divisional boundaries.

We consider the proper and efficient use of resources that are vital to Minebea products to be an important management objective.

The Minebea Group seeks to coexist with the regions in which it operates, and believes that striving to reduce the emission of substances with an impact on the environment is an ongoing responsibility.

The Minebea Group believes it is important to offer products that are safe and free from harmful substances that might damage the environment, products that contribute to overall lifestyles.

This section reports on the history of the Minebea Group's major initiatives for the environment.

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