About RSS

What is RSS?

RSS is the abbreviation of such terms as Really Simple Syndication and Rich Site Summary. It uses XML technology to distribute the headlines and summaries of articles carried on a website.
Acquiring RSS information enables you to get the latest information promptly without visiting a Web site.

How do I use RSS?

In order to use RSS to display the latest information of a website on your personal computer, you will need to have RSS Reader software or an RSS-compliant browser. These are distributed free of charge in some cases. You will need to install and register them in accordance with your user environment and purpose.

Precautions on the use of RSS

  • *  The use of RSS depends on the browser and the RSS Reader you use.
    So please allow us that we cannot answer to your questions or inquires.
  • *  Please note that RSS updates might be suspended without notice because of maintenance, etc. Also, please understand that RSS content and format might be changed without notice.

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