CSR Promotion Activity Goals and Results

The MinebeaMitsumi Group believed it was important to manage CSR promotion activities and results appropriately using the PDCA* cycle, and set CSR goals accordingly.
From 2021, the CSR goals have been integrated into the Materiality targets. For more information, see the Materiality targets and results

* A technique for continuously improving management and operations through repeatedly performing Plan, Do, Check, and Act.


  FY2020 Goals FY2020 Results Evaluation
CSR Management Develop and reinforce the Group's sustainability management framework in line with the business integration CSR
  • Confirmed that ABLIC's sustainability management system has been established
Set goals for each relevant division in relation to materiality CSR
  • Set targets for each relevant division
Corporate Governance
Risk Management
Implement compliance training as part of rank-based training: 100% enrollment Compliance
  • Implemented compliance training as part of rank based training. (15 times, 465 participants, 100% enrollment)
Implement e-learning drawing on awareness survey findings: Enrollment of more than 90% Compliance
  • Implemented e-learning drawing on awareness survey findings. From December 2020 to January 2021, we conducted e-learning "To Eliminate Harassment - Risks and Responses" for employees of the fourth job rank and above. 100% enrollment
Reinforce training on power harassment Compliance
  • Same as the above
  • Placed a theme of power harassment prevention in the training for the new managers. (3 times, 79 participants)
Strengthen the framework for gathering information on compliance worldwide Compliance
  • Appointed compliance officers and deputy officers globally for MinebeaMitsumi, MITSUMI ELCTRIC, U-Shin, and ABLIC
Acquire certification under the ISO 22301 international standard for business continuity management systems at the Ayutthaya Plant and Ban Wa Plant in Thailand GA
  • Acquired the certification at Ayutthaya and Banwa plants in Thailand in April 2021
Upgrade BCP relating to epidemics at the Shanghai Plant in China, and extend it to the Group's major locations GA
  • We were able to minimize the damage by deploying the knowledge gained at the Shanghai plant in China as a best practice around the world
Confirm and coordinate with the risk management framework of ABLIC GA
  • Confirmed that ABLIC's sustainability management system has been established. ABLIC members participate as a member of the Risk Management Committee, and the safety confirmation and emergency contact system has been unified
Reinforce training on trade compliance Logistics
  • Strengthened employee education by introducing e-learning (700 participants)

CSR CSR Promotion Office    Compliance Compliance Promotion Office    GA General Affairs Department    Logistics Logistics Department


  FY2020 Goals FY2020 Results Evaluation
Relationships with Customers Create mechanisms tailored to improving skills of employees Quality
  • Established a team specializing in education within the Quality Assurance Headquarters, and created MinebeaMitsumi Group's unified quality textbooks for business integration to improve manufacturing quality from the bottom level
Introduce and develop unified bar code labels for MITSUMI products Logistics
  • Started to use the unified bar code labels for automotive antennas from February 2020, and expanded the use horizontally to other product models. Implementation to other products has been delayed due to the spread of infectious disease as it was not possible to hold briefing sessions
Improve packing for marine shipping containers to improve loading efficiency and quality Logistics
  • In November 2020, we started two-layer stacking of ball bearings in Thailand
Incorporate a social issue perspective into processes for evaluating technology development Engineering Development
  • Started the development of multiple (more than 10) projects to solve social issues
Relationships with Employees Strengthen training to nurture next generation of executive leaders Human Resources Development
  • Conducted training sessions through e-learning to strengthen team building and to internally promote corporate philosophy
Develop locally-based leaders overseas Human Resources Development
  • Affected by the spread of infectious disease, we cancelled : a group training for the next-generation executives and leaders / a program to send an employee to Columbia University / a training program for the next generation of overseas executives, that was supposed to take place in Japan
Continuously promote empowerment of our female employees Human Resources Development
  • In September 2020, we launched the Women's Active Participation Promotion Project to foster awareness and culture of promoting the active participation of women
  • Actively recruited female students in science majors
  • Created an environment for balancing work and family lives
Achieve statutory rate of employment with respect to hiring people with disabilities and retain such employees: More than 2.2% employment of people with disabilities Human Resources Development
  • In spite of activities to promote the employment of people with disabilities, the target was not achieved (1.8%)
Reduce workplace injuries: 0 incidents of workplace injuries Personnel
  • 85 occupational accidents
Encourage employees to undergo health checkups: 100% compliance Personnel
  • 100% of health checkups completion rate
Examine and introduce systems for achieving diverse styles of work Personnel
  • Introduction of work from home and staggered working hours
Reduce extended working hours: Achieve 5% reduction in average amount of overtime worked per employee Personnel
  • 68% reduction in average amount of overtime worked per employee
Relationships with SuppliersConfirm status of efforts to promote CSR achieved by MITSUMI ELECTRIC's suppliers in Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines by using the "CSR Procurement Self-assessment Checklist" Procurement
  • Using the "CSR Procurement Self-assessment Checklist," we confirmed the status of efforts to promote CSR among MITSUMI ELECTRIC's suppliers in Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. We had 96 target companies (covering more than 70% of the purchase amount) and the response rate was 100% (average score is 494 points / out of 500 points, the passing score was 80% or more)
Relationships with Local Communities and Global Society Continue to promote dialogue with communities at our domestic and overseas locations CSR
  • Canceled a dialogue with communities due to the spread of covid-19
Relationships with Shareholders Engage in public relations through the media in a manner that enables our stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of the Company's business operations IR
  • To improve the company's name recognition among students, we advertised on billboards and bus wrap. Also placed a graphic advertisement on the outer wall of our showroom
  • Through the newspaper advertisement of our mask, we conveyed a message about our social contribution activities, not just focusing on the masks
Continue to actively disclose information regarding business plan progress and measures IR
  • Under the special circumstances of the spread of covid-19, we utilized online communications and enhanced management response
Continue to actively communicate with domestic and overseas investors IR
  • Outside directors engaged in communication with institutional investors and held a briefing session for individual investors

Quality Quality Assurance Headquarters    Logistics Logistics Department
Engineering Development Engineering Development Division
Human Resources Development Human Resources Development Department
Personnel Personnel Department    Procurement Procurement Department
CSR CSR Promotion Office    IR Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Office


  FY2020 Goals FY2020 Results Evaluation
Environment Green Products to account for 81% of net sales Environment
  • Green Products accounted for 87.4% of net sales
Reduce CO2 emissions by 15% per basic unit of output compared with FY2015 Environment
  • Increased CO2 emissions per basic unit of output by 7.7% compared with FY2015 as the baseline year
Reduce amount of generated waste by 15% per basic unit of output compared with FY2015 Environment
  • Reduced waste generated per basic unit of output by 2.9% compared with FY2015 as the baseline year
Recycling of 97.5% of generated waste Environment
  • Rate of generated waste recycling was 98.1%
Reduce use of service water by 15% per basic unit of output compared with FY2015 Environment
  • Reduced service water consumption per basic unit of output by 5.4% compared with FY2015 as the baseline year
Promote the protection of biodiversity Environment
  • Biodiversity conservation activities such as tree planting at each site in Japan and overseas
Improve information disclosure on the environment (CDP,TCFD) Environment
  • CDP : "A-" in Climate Change 2020 and "A-" in Water Security 2020
  • TCFD : disclosure of information on mitigating the risks and seizing the opportunities brought about by climate change.
Reduce the emissions of plastic waste Environment
  • Changed the sale of fruit used in the cafeteria of the Cambodia plant to the sale of reusable plastic plates
  • Discontinued use of plastic bags, lids, and straws at the cafeteria of the Thai plant
Reduction of CO2 emissions in logistics through modal shift Logistics
  • Considered railway transportation (Shanghai→South China, Trans-Siberian Railway, etc.), but it has not been realized

Environment Group Environment Management Department    Logistics Logistics Department

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