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image : New Smart Lighting Goes beyond Your Imagination of Illumination image : New Smart Lighting Goes beyond Your Imagination of Illumination

(Posted Dec. 2018)

New LED Lighting SALIOT

Photo : New LED Lighting SALIOT

New LED Lighting SALIOT

SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet Of Things) is a new type of LED lighting that combines various MinebeaMitsumi technologies. A proprietary app developed by MinebeaMitsumi enables users to freely control the direction of lighting up/down/left/right, dimming, light distribution angle, color temperature, and other properties using a smartphone or tablet.
When developing SALIOT, we used MinebeaMitsumi’s ultra-precision machining technologies and optical technologies to develop an ultra-thin lens for LED lighting that freely controls the light. The scope of use can be greatly expanded by adding wireless technology and other features.

Use in Various Situations

image : SALIOT Gallery

SALIOT Gallery

SALIOT makes it possible to achieve optimal lighting for every type of situation and can be used under many different circumstances. The possibilities are highly varied including large shopping centers with high ceilings, showrooms of car dealers and other businesses, art and other museums, educational facilities, event spaces, hotels, and more.
MinebeaMitsumi established the SALIOT Gallery near its Tokyo Head Office in September 2017 so that numerous customers can experience the possibilities of SALIOT. More than 200 SALIOT units are installed and visitors can operate them directly.

Changing Working Styles with Lighting

image : Safe and simple operation from the ground

Safe and simple operation from the ground

Adjusting conventional lighting installed in large areas with high ceilings requires manual work using a ladder or adjusting pole for example, necessitating considerable work effort and time. Lights cannot be adjusted during exhibits, and as a result, performing work late at night is a burden on workers.
Various controls of SALIOT unit can be performed from a single smart phone, and when scene settings are used, a different space can be created in an instant. This means that by using SALIOT, lighting adjustment work that in the past took a long time and had to be performed at night can easily be implemented simply, safely, at low cost, and quickly.
MinebeaMitsumi continues to conduct research and development regarding lighting instruments and will continue its efforts to provide products that customers find useful in their day-to-day lives.

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