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image : Cambodia Plant - Aiming to Be a Company Where Employees Are Proud to Work image : Cambodia Plant - Aiming to Be a Company Where Employees Are Proud to Work

(Posted Dec. 2018)

image : Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone

The Cambodia plant was established in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone seven years ago. The plant, which has become a massive site with about 5,000 employees and floor area of 100,000 ㎡, was required to perform a new role as one of MinebeaMitsumi's main facilities. In addition to its existing assembly procedures, component machining processes were also transferred to the plant.

Supporting production at the Cambodia Plant are the employees hired locally. Human resource development has been consistently emphasized with "growth with employees" as the fundamental stance. Before operations, more than a few of the plant's employees could not read and write. However, before-work study groups were established, and as a result of continuously encouraging participation, the literacy rate has reached 100%. More recently, the plant has hired numerous students who learned electrical engineering and mechanical engineering at local universities and specialized schools so that it can manufacture higher value-added products. The plant is collaborating with local vocational schools to provide learning opportunities regarding specialized technologies.

Members of the Cambodia Plant Personnel
and General Affairs Division

One of the plant's key features is that any local employee has a chance to be hired as a manager. Because of an open promotion system that allows anyone to seek a managerial position, the number of employees working as line leaders and senior line leaders has increased. This program has established a clear distinction from the general tendency for Cambodian employees to serve as on-site workers and foreigners to fill management positions. The sensibility among employees that "we will improve our own plant" has strengthened every year. It is against this backdrop that productivity has steadily increased.

In 2018, a new dorm was established to provide an environment where anyone can live in comfort and with a sense of security. The Cambodia plant seeks to "be a company where our employees are proud to work" in accordance with one of the Five Principles of the MinebeaMitsumi company credo.

I Am Proud to Work as a MinebeaMitsumi Employee

image : Hakley Am

Hackley Am
Labor Control Team
Micro Actuator Section
Minebea (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

I have been working at the Cambodia Plant since 2011. Immediately after being hired, I spent three months undergoing training in Thailand, and when I returned to Cambodia, I was involved in manufacturing in the Micro Actuator Section. I continued studying so that I could pass on what I had learned in Thailand to employees at the Cambodia Plant. This effort and my work experience were recognized, and I was given the opportunity to take the test for promotion from operator to staff. I currently work as a staff member and have received an "excellent employee" commendation. Many of the employees at the Cambodia Plant work with a sense of purpose. I too love my job. I am proud to work as a MinebeaMitsumi employee.

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