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image : Developing Minebea's CSR Together with the Local Community - Hamamatsu Plant

(Posted Oct. 2016)


Image : Mr. Hirotaka Fujita, Minebea Mr. Hirotaka Fujita: Thank you very much for joining us today at the Hamamatsu Plant. It is an honor to have you. The Minebea Hamamatsu Plant started operations in 1986 in conjunction with our entry into the electronic devices business. Since then, the plant has engaged in R&D and product manufacturing. We have been proud to sponsor local community events, provide plant tours for community members and take part in other activities, and we are eager to have even more direct communication with community members in the future.

Today, we look forward to hearing everyone's honest opinions and requests regarding Minebea's community initiatives as a first step in enhancing our communication and engagement.

image : Group photograph
Participants from Fukuroi City
Mayor Mr. Hideyuki Harada
Special Director and Secretary for Disaster Prevention Mr. Tomio Kinpara
General Manager of Industry and Environment Mr. Toru Suzuki
General Manager of Education Mr. Yukio Okawara
Manager of Industry Promotion, Department of Industry and Environment Mr. Shunsuke Hatakama
Manager of Disaster Prevention, General Affairs Department Mr. Tsuyoshi Isobe
Fukuroi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Mr. Fujio Toyoda
Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology President Mr. Hiroshi Noguchi
Asaba Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Mr. Takeshi Shibata
Asaba Kita Self-government Federation Chairman Mr. Kazumi Totsuka
Minebea Co., Ltd.
Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer
Chief of Electronic Device & Component Manufacturing Headquarters
Mr. Hirotaka Fujita
Managing Executive Officer
Officer in charge of CSR Promotion Office, Compliance Promotion Office at Finance & Compliance Promotion Division
Mr. Tatsuo Matsuda
Deputy General Manager, Hamamatsu Personnel and General Affairs Department Mr. Yasuhisa Tomita
Manager, Hamamatsu Plant Maintenance Department Mr. Yukihiro Takeda
Supervisor, Environment Management Office (Hamamatsu), Group Environment Management Department Mr. Hideyuki Ishikawa
General Manager, CSR Promotion Office Mr. Masaki Ishikawa
CSR Promotion Office Mr. Hidetsugu Irie
Cre-en Inc. CSR Consultant Mr. Takehiko Mizukami

* Titles of participants are current as of date of stakeholder dialogue (May 20, 2016)

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