MinebeaMitsumi Green Products Certification Program

Green Products Certification Program

Visualization of Environmental and Social Contributions

image : Green Product certification system

Our group has contributed to energy conservation activities in a wide range of industries, including the automotive industry and the aviation industry, by producing small, light and precise components.

In order to visualize the environmental and social contributions of our products and to share their value with our stakeholders, we reported it to the Board of Directors in May 2019, and in the fiscal year ended March 2020, we started to introduce the MinebeaMitsumi Green Products Certification Program.

We use our own indicators to certify items with high environmental contribution value. In the fiscal year ending March 2029, we plan to raise the ratio of Green Products sales to net sales to 85% or more.

image : Green Product production targets

Certified Green Products

* Below is a partial listing of our certified Green Products.

Ball bearings

image : Ball bearings

Lighting (SALIOT)

image : Lighting( SALIOT)

DC motors

image : DC motors

Lighting devices

image : Lighting devices

AC adapters

image : AC adapters

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